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Expand your audience with a beautiful event calendar on your website. Easily create, promote, manage and monetize your events. All in one app.
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Create a Beautiful Events Calendar for your Website with Ease.

Build a white-label calendar of events for your website. Easily customize the design to align to your brand and make it stand out. Choose your preferred language and timezone. 

Embed your calendar code to your website or simply link it to your custom domain, and you are ready to go.

Effortlessly Create and Import One-Time and Recurring Events.

Create an event or just import your existing events from iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar. Fill your calendar with events from Facebook, EventBrite, Meetup and other online sources. 

Save time by populating your calendar with recurring events and scheduling automated imports.

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Highlight your Events with Multiple Media Files, Views, Categories, Tags and Filters.

Enhance your calendar by adding images, videos, tables, documents and meeting links to your events. Display events with Timely’s stunning poster board, tile, stream, agenda, monthly, weekly or map views.

Create unlimited customized categories and tags. Organize them in your calendar with filters by venue and organizer.

The Events Calendar Most Loved by
Event Creators Around the World.

Promote your Events and Engage with your Audience.

Save time by posting your events automatically to Facebook and Twitter directly from your Timely calendar dashboard. You can also share your events on social media platforms using Social Sharing buttons from your public calendar. 

Captivate your audience by sending  automatic newsletters via our email marketing integrations and collecting rsvps.

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Monetize from Community Event Submissions and Ticket Sales.

Add an event submission form to your calendar and let users submit events for free or for a fee. Accept submissions from any user, while retaining total publishing control. 

Earn money by selling tickets to in-person and online events directly from your calendar, without intermediaries.

Centralize all your Event Marketing Efforts in One Platform.

Timely website event calendar is a simple and user-friendly web-based application that does not require any technical skill to use.

Run one or multiple calendars from a single software. Manage users permissions, get analytics and reports for each calendar. Increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Experience the New Way to Manage Events. Get the Best Event Calendar Software Available in the Market.

Choose our Online Calendar to Show Your Upcoming Events and Stand Out from the Crowd.

Check all the amazing features you can get with Timely Event Calendar:

Main Calendar Features

  • Beautiful white-label calendar of events embedded on your website or on a standalone landing page.
  • Cloud-based software that can be accessed anytime from any device with internet connection.
  • Easy to use application that does not require any technical knowledge or other web design tool.
  • Live and recorded onboard training.
  • Live support.

Custom Options

  • Customized header, footer, CSS and head design for both standalone and embed calendars.
  • Display your public calendar in multiple languages, and on either yours or the viewers’ timezone.
  • Customized feature slider and multiple calendar viewing options, as well as searchable filters, categories and tags.
  • Customized Front End Submission form, with checkout option for paid submissions.

Virtual Event Manager

  • Supports multiple event calendars, users and an unlimited number of venues and events.
  • Supports both free and paid events, as well virtual and in-person events.
  • Can create one-time, multi-date and time and recurring events.
  • Import your own events from Google, Outlook or Apple calendars. Import events from others from ICS files, URL feeds, Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup, and other websites and calendars. Allows automatic imports.
  • Export events in ICS and Excel formats.
  • Collect event registrations with Timely Event booking Software.
  • Sell tickets with Timely Event Ticketing Software.
  • Reports and Analytics.

Virtual Digital Marketing Assistant

  • Improved search engine optimization with custom domain, Server Side Embedding Rendering and SEO boost tools.
  • Enrich your event posts with images, videos, tables, documents, webpage links and Zoom and Zoho video conferencing links.
  • Media library to facilitate media upload and increase productivity.
  • Event Promote tools to auto-share events directly on your Twitter and Facebook account.
  • Social Sharing tools for your audience to share events directly from your events calendar.
  • Automatic event newsletters with MailChimp integration.
  • Basic customer relationship management tool (CRM).

Powerful Website Event Calendar Software = Many Possibilities

Manage your in-person and virtual events more efficiently. No matter your size or what business you are in, we’ve got you covered
Perfect for big media companies and emerging ones, as well as community entrepreneurs and local blogs. Grow your audience, promote and monetize your events.
Proven solution for both private and public educational institutions. Beautifully showcase events and better connect with students, faculty, staff and the general public.

Excellent for non-profit organizations that want to run successful fundraising events. Inspire members and the community to support and donate to your cause.

Advanced event technology to help you expand your website viewers. Promote local events and attractions, and elevate your visitors’ touristic experience.

Ideal for local governments and businesses wishing to build stronger communities. Showcase public gatherings, cultural events, recreation activities and more.

Churches & Religious Organizations

Simple event app to help your congregation manage religious events and nurture your faith together. Works perfectly for conferences, church retreats and masses.

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