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Launch your activities, programs and events on our robust online event booking software. Promote them to a wider audience and collect more RSVPs. Secure payments faster and make your events a huge success!

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Convenient In-Person and Online Bookings for a Variety of Activities, Programs and Events.

Timely’s cloud based event booking software is user-friendly and available anytime and anywhere. Take bookings face to face at the POS or online 24/7.

Virtual Events

Manage registration for your free or paid remote programs. Present events to your audience by integrating with your favorite online meeting and webinar tools.

Meetings & Luncheons

From small board meetings to large fundraisers, easily coordinate event promotion, guests participation and ticket sales.

Classes & Courses

Offer your customers a smooth registration experience, while allowing educators and instructors to save time, reduce administrative work and increase profits.

Lectures & Conferences

Showcase special educational events, enrol more participants, collect registration fees securely, and streamline administrative tasks for faculty and staff.

Recreational Activities

Enhance activity engagement and enrolment. Works well for parks and recreation, community centres, music, art and dance schools, yoga studios, sports facilities and more.

Venue Bookings & Rentals

Maximize the usage of your bookable event spaces while simplifying facility scheduling and reservation. Works perfectly with any type of space including, hot-desks, rooms and venues.

All the Tools You Need in an Event Booking Software!

Get Timely Event Booking Software, delight your clients and successfully manage your events registrations and payments. Start Now or Contact Us to discover all our features.

Event Registration Has Never Been Easier!

Check all the awesome features you can get with our premier Event Booking Software:

Main Software Features

All the features you can get with Timely event calendar software, plus:

Multi-focused platform that supports all sorts of events, including arts, music, sports and tourism.

Single database for both online and in-house (box office) event ticket sales, with unified inventory control.

No double-selling seats. Events and tickets’ availability updated automatically and in real time.

Custom automatic email purchase confirmations.

Outside promoter and venue renters user access to facilitate event and ticket management.

Event Booking Options

Create blocks of slots available through the day, buffer times and limit the number of attendees.

At-home voucher printing option.

Scan QR code from printed voucher or mobile phone in real-time for fast check in at the door.

Reduced no-shows and cancellations with upfront online deposits and payments.

Event venue rental tool that works with any type of venue. Compatible with hot-desk, meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, courts, gyms and studios.

An Extraordinary Event Booking Software in your Website = Many Possibilities

Manage in-person, virtual and hybrid events' bookings more efficiently. No matter your size or what business you are in, we’ve got you covered.

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Schools, Colleges & Universities

Proven solution for both private and public educational institutions. Beautifully showcase events and better connect with students, faculty, staff and the general public.

A tree and a bench representing how event booking software can help Parks and Recreation

Parks & Recreation

Ideal for local governments and businesses wishing to build stronger communities. Showcase public gatherings, cultural events, recreation activities and more.

A box with hearts coming out of it representing how event booking software can help Nonprofits and charities

Nonprofit & Charities

Excellent for non-profit organizations that want to run successful fundraising events. Inspire members and the community to support and donate to your cause.

A church representing how event booking software can help churches and religious organizations

Churches & Religious Organizations

Simple event app to help your congregation manage religious events and nurture your faith together. Works perfectly for conferences, church retreats and masses.

The Benefits of Timely Event Booking Software

Event booking software is more than just another dashboard or service to use - it is a powerful event management tool that can help revolutionize the way that you organize your events. 

Timely Event Booking Software is a powerful calendar and online event booking suite that gives you everything you need to make that next event a success - even a way to collect secure payments online. Cloud-based and available wherever there's an internet connection, Timely augments your in-person, virtual and hybrid events with the power of the cloud.

Tie everything together - from virtual events and meetings to classes, courses, lectures and conferences, as well as recreational activities and even venue bookings and rentals - with Timely and make that next event a success while spending less time and energy focusing on it all. 

Not only can that help make your life easier, but it will also cut down on all that manual processing like registrations, ticketing and collecting payments.

Timely can also help streamline communication. Instead of replying to each interaction with a boilerplate statement, you can send out customized automated emails and responses to everyone that reaches out, reducing those interactions into simple button-presses or logic-based automated responses. 

In addition to the enhanced professionalism that it can give you, participants will also appreciate a reduction in delays and the phone-tag that's all too common when it's all managed manually. Over the short and long run, that can help you increase engagement and support the most beneficial activities for your organization.

Furthermore, when you have all your planning, ticketing and concerns in one centralized event booking software app, that makes it easier to manage it all and ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. From the agenda to the organizers, speakers and attendees, Timely event booking software helps keep everything connected and aligned with the power of organization and automation.


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At Timely, we believe events are the cornerstone of experiences. We aim to create technology that brings communities together and turns events into lasting memories. Count on us to help you achieve your event management goals. 
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