Venue and Event Management Software for Corporate Events

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Improve corporate events planning, raise brand awareness, engage employees and clients, while promoting your company’s culture. All with Timely Venue and Event Management Software for Corporate Events, the best corporate event platform.

Highlight your Company’s Values and Brand Authority with Timely Venue and Event Management Software for Corporate Events

Hosting in-person, hybrid and virtual corporate events is the perfect way to share company's culture, beliefs and values. Events provide the right framework to communicate with employees and clients who want to know more about the company. Savvy event marketers choose Timely space booking and event marketing tools to help with planning corporate events, and making them a success.

Corporate Events Management Software Solutions

We’ve been working with event professionals since 2012. We understand the challenges faced by Marketing and HR Departments with corporate events planning, promotion and management. We understand how a robust corporate events software can help.

Event Promotion Excellence

  • Maximize your corporate event company's potential with a beautiful white-label events calendar on your website. Impress clients, streamline processes, and watch your business grow.
  • Keep attendees hooked from start to finish. Offer real-time event discovery interaction features and the option to filter and import their favorite events to their personal calendars.
  • Empower employees and partners to take charge of their ideas. Streamline event submission and approval processes, making it easy for anyone to contribute and participate.

Streamline Event Registration and Check-In

  • Foster a culture of participation and collaboration. Use our software to manage internal and external events, keeping everyone informed, engaged, and motivated.
  • Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organization. Our software centralizes all event management tasks, from planning and promoting to managing registration and attendees.
  • Streamline payment processing, waiting list management, cancellations and refunds handling, and attendee check-in using Timely corporate events platform.

Space and Meeting Room Bookings

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  • Eliminate the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and endless email threads with a user-friendly platform for scheduling rooms and conference spaces.
  • Provide a centralized platform for space bookings, reducing the risk of double bookings or scheduling conflicts, and ensuring smooth coordination of internal events.
  • With features like real-time availability updates and centralized communication channels, corporate event managers can efficiently plan and organize their events.

How Can Timely Software Help With Corporate Events Planning, Promotion and Management?

Choose an event marketing platform that is easy-to-use, yet still provides all of the required features. Timely’s event management software for corporate events can help your company deliver memorable events in many ways. From event planning and space scheduling to event promotion and attendee management.

Centralize Event Management

Aggregate all your internal and external corporate events. Keep them separated by department, or integrate them into a centralized online events calendar embedded on your website, intranet or mobile app. 

Customize your Calendar

Use our white label software to create a beautiful corporate events calendar that feels native to your brand and website. Customize colors, fonts, logo and unique content. Easy to use event marketing platform. No coding or web designer skills required.

Expand to Global Users

Increase the reach of your corporate events beyond geographical barriers with functionalities aimed at global audiences. Features like multi languages, multi time zones and custom filters can make it easier for users from all backgrounds to find and register for your events.

Post Content-Rich Events

Give more visibility to your in-person, hybrid and online corporate events with an online events calendar. Engage employees and clients with stunning calendar views and event page layouts. Add presentations, media, videos and links to your upcoming events.

Let Employees Submit Events

Build a culture of belonging by allowing employees to submit corporate events for publication. Capture event submissions with an integrated event submission form, and built-in workflows and automations to speed up the event approval process.

Promote Events with Ease

Publish your corporate events’ schedule online, and allow employees and clients to subscribe to your events and share them with their network. Post events to LinkedIn and Facebook automatically. Boost event engagement with automated newsletters.

Manage Event Registrations

Collect online registrations for single events and time-slot appointments, and know in advance who is coming to your corporate events. Check attendees by the door, and show your guests that you are on top of every registration.

Sell Event Tickets

Monetize events by selling tickets from your own online corporate events calendar, and stop driving traffic to third-party ticketing platforms. Rest assured that payment transactions are secured, and data is protected.

Efficient Room Scheduling

Timely's software for corporate events offers robust features for managing any type of space. Easily track room availability and effortlessly handle booking requests, fulfilling all your corporate event needs with convenience and efficiency.
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Corporate Events Calendar Demo

Looking for new ways to manage your corporate events? Look no further than Timely Corporate Events Software. Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and forgotten group email reminders. With its beautiful and modern interface, Timely Software for Corporate Events is all you need to improve your corporate events’ awareness, engagement and attendance.

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Room Booking Calendar

Looking for an advanced venue booking system to manage spaces for corporate events? Timely Room Booking Software is the perfect tool to promote and manage room reservations and rentals online. Powerful but simple to use, Timely software allows you to advertise your available spaces, as well as accept registrations and payments directly from your website.

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Host all Kinds of Internal and External Corporate Events

Timely Event Management Software for Corporate Events is the ideal solution for planning corporate events. Plan unforgettable events, connect with prospective clients, and make employees proud of being part of your organization.

Virtual Conferences


Trade Shows



Social Events


Diversity talks

Timely Software for Corporate Events

Main software benefits:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Design & Customizability
  • User-Friendly & Accessibility
  • Productivity & Efficiency
  • Profitability
  • Scalability

Safe, Secure and Reliable Software

Discover how Timely event technology can take your events, training programs and venues to the next level.

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Custom Features

White label application that allows many design customizations, including font, colour, background, logo and unique content. Customize your online calendar, landing pages and even confirmation emails.

icon application representing Timely Event Management software solutions easy to use

Easy to Use

Timely platform has a clean design and presentation, and allows an intuitive navigation for users of all types and backgrounds. Count on our comprehensive knowledge base to help you learn, use and get the most of Timely software.

icon globe representing Timely Event Management software solutions can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Anytime and Anywhere

Since all data is stored in the cloud, your staff and clients can access your online calendar anytime and anywhere. In addition, our software is fully compatible across all devices and platforms.

icon puzzle representing Timely Event Management software solutions custom features

PCI-DSS Compliant

Protect yourself and your customers by reducing the risk of debit and credit card data being lost. Accept online payments via PayPal, Stripe, Square, and – all PCI DSS certified.

icon lock representing Timely Event Management software solutions has high privacy and security standards

High Privacy and Security

Easily comply with global privacy laws, including GDPRCOPPACaIOPPAPIPEDA  and  LGPD. Furthermore, our solutions are highly secure, including SSL/TLS protocol, encryption and additional controls.

icon starts representing Timely Event Management software solutions are accessible for people with disabilities


Our web based application is Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant. Therefore, it is accessible not only for your staff and volunteers, but also your audience and the community with disabilities.

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