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Build stronger and more active communities with Timely’s parks and recreation event management software. We offer on-site and online registration systems for special events, recreational activities and facility rentals.

Nurture, Grow and Sustain your Community with Timely Parks & Recreation Event Management Software

Timely’s parks and recreation software helps municipalities and local governments organize community events more efficiently. Manage on-site and online events, activities and facility booking from a single platform, save time and increase productivity.

Parks and Recreation Major Challenges:

We’ve been working with leisure and recreation professionals since 2012. We understand the obstacles faced by this sector nowadays.

Parks & Recreation

parks and recreation employees working on timely event and activity management software
  • Running a variety of programs, activities and events, and making sure all schedules work are part of your routine. You would love to have extra time to focus on your community
  • Members have been asking for the ability to register for your events, classes and activities online. However, you have concerns about online payments and security compliance.
  • Your facility rental process is not automated and complicated. You need to make it easier for the community to book online, as well as optimize your rental spaces.

How can Timely Help Your Recreational Organization?

Our event and activity management technology helps community centres, senior centres, public parks, sport facilities and art schools connect and engage with members and patrons in several ways:

Centralize Recreation Management Activities

Aggregate all events and activities happening at your facilites. Integrate all schedules into your calendars. Manage everything from a single platform.

Embed on Your Website

Improve your website’s SEO in a meaningful way by showcasing activities that are relevant to your members. With our white-label application, patrons can easily find and book activities and space online.

Post Content-Rich Activities

Keep your members up to date with all your activities, programs and events. Amuse them with media, videos and links. Showcase one time and recurring activities and events on a beautiful scheduling calendar.

Promote Activities with Ease

Post activities and events to Facebook and Twitter automatically and in bulk. Share activity and events on other social media platforms. Boost activity and event attendance with automated emails and rsvps.

Manage Activity Registrations

Collect registrations to your classes and drop-ins, and check attendees at the door. Using a single application, show your patrons that you are on top of every booking. Increase your repeat business and revenues.

Sell Event Tickets Online

Monetize festivals and special events by selling tickets from your own website, instead of driving traffic to third-party ticketing platforms. Rest assured that all payment transactions are secure, and all data is protected.

Accept Venue Bookings Online

Allow the community to reserve your function rooms on your website anytime and anywhere. Organize your room schedules and invoicing. Know your space availability at all times and prevent double-booking.

Enhance Members' Experience

Simplify how your customers do business with you from the first contact and make a big impression. Impress your members with custom domain, branded communications, and make it easy for them to pay online.

Own your Clients

Generate leads, track activity enrollment and manage customer relationships. Own and nurture your patrons list. Rest assured that we will not contact your activity and event attendees or use their data.

Grow your Network of Active Members with Timely Parks and Recreation Software. Try for free or book a demo to learn more.

Improve your Members’ Experience and Build Stronger and More Active Communities

Timely’s leisure and recreation software is ideal for local governments and municipalities, and works perfectly with all types of recreational activities and facilities.

Community Centers

Senior Centers

Public Parks

Ice Rinks

Golf Courses

Sports Facilities

Fitness Centers

Swimming Pools



Social Activities

Festivals & Events

Benefits of the Timely Parks & Recreation Event Management Software

As a representative of your community, you want all local groups to feel seen and involved. Timely’s parks and recreation software for event management helps you centralize your neighbourhood's many exciting and diverse events and activities, encouraging involvement by both event-throwers and event-goers. Here’s how:

Community Reputation

If you want to become the #1 source of social events, activities, and meetings in your community, Timely is here. Our event calendar software will aggregate all community happenings in one place, making your organization a neighbourhood resource.

Community Engagement

Encourage everyone in your area to submit their events by making it a seamless and accessible process. With our park and recreation software’s attractive design and easy navigation, event submitters and event seekers alike will be excited to use your calendar, all while cutting down administrative time for you. 

Website Visitors

Drive more users to your site by publishing SEO-optimized event content, and make it easier for people to find your recreational activities online.  Easily and effectively reach more locals through email marketing and social media automations. Reach your potential clients on platforms they already use. 

Event Attendance

Leave the antiquated newspaper ads and flyers in the local coffee shop behind you – by promoting online with Timely’s parks and rec software, you’ll make it easier for locals to find the events and activities most interesting to them. You’ll reach a wider audience, which will increase turnout.

Whether you are looking for event management for your national parks or your library events, Timely can help. We’re here to support you with our parks and recreation event management so you can grow your local reach and focus on what’s most important – serving the people in your community. Want to learn more? Book a demo today!

Parks and Recreation Love Timely and We Love Them Back!

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At Timely, we believe events are the cornerstone of experiences. We aim to create technology that brings communities together and turns events into lasting memories. Count on us to help you achieve your event management goals. 
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