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Streamline learning and professional development of your students with a training calendar on your website. Bring all your course offerings online, promote your programs, increase course registration, and scale learning operations. All in one online training software!

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Build a Scalable, Efficient and Revenue-Generating Training Program with Timely Online Training Software.

Say goodbye to program brochures and course registration spreadsheets. Build an online training calendar to promote your courses and bring traffic to your website. Accept free and paid online registrations directly from your training portal. Cut training marketing costs, reduce admin work and increase revenue with Timely Online Training Software.

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Add a Stunning Training Calendar to your Website

Build an online calendar of courses with your own brand identity, logo and colours. Create individual lessons, or a whole course catalogue with your current course offerings. Showcase your training schedule with Timely Online Training Registration Software.

With a singular place that hosts all your course offerings, students and employees will benefit from the quick access and sign-up to your varied courses. Course enrolment and registration could not be easier!

Enhance your Students Learning Experience

With Timely Training Enrolment Software, you can conduct all activities pertaining to the learning and professional development of your students and employees with ease at the click of a button. Be it from home, office, or any remote location. 

Add an interesting course description, map location and time zone. Reinforce your lessons with images, videos, tables, documents and links. Create categories and tags, and organize your learning resources, allowing students to search for the program that best suits them. 

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Import Events and Accept Course Submissions

Import relevant courses from other calendars and third party websites. Schedule automated imports to easily populate your calendar.

Allow others, like venue organizers and speakers, to submit events to your calendar through Timely Online Training Portal Software. Permit authorized persons to remove or update course offerings and instructors as often as you need to. Have all changes immediately reflected in the system for the benefit of your staff, employees, and students. Publish all submissions or only classes proposed by approved submitters.

Premium Online Training Software for Best-in-Class Learning Programs.

Promote your Courses and Grow your Audience

Powering your training calendar software with advanced tools and technologies, Timely also helps you increase outreach to students and employees.

Publish your training schedule on your own public or private website or mobile app. Post about your upcoming courses on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin automatically. Send automated newsletters with your latest course offerings using our email marketing integrations. 

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Accept Registrations Online and Increase Attendance

Offer both free and paid courses with Timely Online Training Software. From simple one-day events to more complex ones like multi-day, recurring and even time slot appointments bookings, Timely Online Training Software can manage it all.

Allow learners to register for classes and pay online without leaving your website. Send branded and customized event confirmation emails to your attendees. Deliver your in-person, online or hybrid class using Zoom, GoogleMeet, Microsoft Teams or your favourite webinar platform.

Centralize Scheduling and Scale Learning Operations

Stop using several tools to manage your training programs. Run one or multiple online training calendars from a single online training software.

As one of the best online training softwares to use, it also makes it easy to get analytics and reports, and demonstrate positive ROI. Above all, it can help reduce training costs and increase productivity, with no additional staff.

Centralized training calendars to scale your business through online training software

Why Event Managers Around the Globe Love Timely Online Training Software?

As the event industry keeps evolving and our clients’ technology needs continue to increase, there is nothing that makes us prouder than our happy customers. At Timely, we live and breathe our values - they reflect us as a company and drive how we work every day with our customers.

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Choose our Online Training Portal Software to Showcase Your Upcoming Courses and Deliver Superior Training.

Timely Online Training Calendar Software helps experts, instructors and educators not only publish their training programs on the internet, but also collect online registrations and increase course enrolment. Check all the amazing features you can get with our cloud based Online Training Software:

Training Calendar

Course Publishing

Calendar Design

Course & Class Promotion

Registration & Student Management
Billing & Invoicing
Attendance Tracking

Integration & Services

Create an attractive online training calendar on your website, intranet or mobile app with Timely Event Calendar Software.

Centralize all your in-person, online and hybrid courses and programs in one single place. Stop sending your audience to third-party platforms to find or register for your classes.

Multi-focused platform that supports all sorts of courses and programs, including corporate training, professional development, continuing studies, and extracurricular classes.

Build a master training calendar for your organization, and/or several sub calendars for each company’s department, topic or niche. Connect all training calendars in a network, saving time and admin work.

Create one-day, multi-day, repeating courses for any type of recurrence, or events with or without end time.

Offer single event and appointment time slot registrations, where you can create blocks of slots available throughout the day and buffer times. Perfect for booking one-on-one meetings, training sessions and coaching consultations.

Automatically change the status of your classes as circumstances change. Inform course statuses directly on your event post.

Let your students register for recurring events one by one, or book multiple instances of the same repeating event at once.

No double-booking. Class availability is updated automatically and in real time.

Easily customize the design of your online training calendars by changing colors, fonts and logos. No coding or web design skills required.

Choose among several calendar view options, including agenda, week, month, list, poster board and map views, and course page layouts.

Highlight your featured courses and programs with sliders or carousels throughout your website.

Customizable filters, categories, and tags to organize your training calendar, and make it easier for your learners to search and find courses to register.

Improve your visibility on Google, and increase website clicks with SEO tools and event schema-ready.

Promote your course offerings automatically on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, or through automated newsletters.

Social sharing tools for your website visitors to share course information directly from your online training calendar.

Calendar subscription options so your audience can add all courses or just specific classes to their personal calendars

Engage with your audience by sending them custom automatic course registration email confirmations and notifications.

Track course registrations in real time, knowing in advance who is attending your classes and how much revenue you have made.

Reduce no shows by sending course registration confirmation emails, course vouchers, class reminders, and class change notifications.

Customize emails and voucher templates to match with your brand and tone of voice.

Send email templates manually, or let our system send automated email templates to your audience according to the pre-established workflows.

Only show webinar links to learners who have registered for your course programs.

Search and find attendees with ease, and export the list as CSV or PDF.

Accept online payments with Paypal, Stripe or Square. All PCI DSS certified.

Absorb ticketing fees or pass them on to your students.

Generate professional invoices, display item discounts, and calculate taxes automatically.

Generate course vouchers or tickets that are sequentially numbered and have their own stock, SKU, and QR code.

Download course vouchers or tickets individually or in bulk.

Easily manage registrations, vouchers, tickets, invoices, cancellations and refunds.

Control attendance by checking in students manually from your Timely dashboard, or by scanning the QR code from the printed ticket or mobile phone at the door.

Generate vouchers and tickets with individual QR codes, and send them to your students by email after course registration.

Offer your clients the option to print vouchers or tickets at-home.

Provide a faster and contactless check-in experience.

Optional SAML Single Sign-On authorization standards to facilitate access to your training calendar system to authorized users.

One-on-one onboarding training, pre-recorded video tutorials, and a comprehensive knowledge base to help you set up your online training software.

Dedicated Timely customer success team to help you onboard, implement customizations, get the most of our software, and support your training goals.

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Timely Online Training Portal Software provides all the tools you need to manage classes and training sessions. Everything is neatly organized on an interactive online course catalog, keeping learners informed and entertained. Moreover, with Timely online enrollment system, you can easily accept registrations online, increasing course attendance and scaling your learning operations.

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Simple but Powerful Online Training Software = Many Possibilities

Manage in-person, virtual, hybrid and blended learning sessions from a single platform. No matter the business you are in, the subjects you want to teach, or your training budget. We help you reach your audience and increase attendance.

Power Better Learning Experiences with Timely Training Management System

If you want to build and scale your learning programs for the future, you have to start with a solid technology foundation. Timely Online Training Software offers integrative solutions, including planning, promotion, engagement, registration and delivery, to help you upgrade your organization’s learning tech stack.

Frequently Asked Questions About Timely Online Training Software

1. What are the benefits of using Timely online training system?

From the type of domains you specialize in to the different levels of courses you offer, our company training software is equipped to deal with a variety of learning requirements.

Corporations can benefit from a first class online registration software to display all internal and external corporate courses. Help your team learn by offering customer service, sales and employee onboarding courses through Timely Online Training Software.

Organizations that provide continuing professional education gain so much from our flexible training registration software. By offering online enrollment for professional courses and events, you can motivate your members to learn more and maintain their skills up-to-date.

And if you want to create your own expert portal to sell your expertise online, Timely end-to-end training delivery solution can help you better promote your courses and reach a larger audience. In turn, you will become a well-known expert in your field, and generate new revenue streams.

Contact us today to learn more.

2. What are the most relevant features of Timely online training enrollment software?

Timely online training software was developed geared towards meeting all the administration, marketing, promotion, engagement, registration, and class coordinating requirements of a learning management system, you can do everything under a one-point solution. If you want to learn more, check all our software features.

3. What types of classes and courses are supported by Timely online training portal software?

Timely online training software caters to all the different modes of training so you can manage varied types of corporate training and classes - be it in-person, virtual, hybrid, or blended learning sessions - from a singular platform.

4. Which types of businesses and organizations use Timely online training system?

Fulfill all your online training management needs with our online training software, regardless of the type of training business you’re in. Whether you’re a training organization, corporate company, or a learning institute, meeting your training management needs just got easier, no matter how diverse.

5. Can I offer paid courses and accept online payments with Timely online training software?

Yes. Timely integrates with Paypal, Stripe or Square, which are all PCI DSS certified. You can accept online payments using any of these payment processing service providers.


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