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Looking for a solution to improve and simplify your event management, and make your event marketing and promotion efforts more effective? Timely provides the most comprehensive and flexible platform available in the market. Check out all our amazing event management software features and increase your return-on-events.

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Event Management Software Features to Take your Events to the Next Level!

Timely is a comprehensive platform that is continuously growing and evolving to meet the needs of our customers and the event industry. Our event management system is flexible and scalable, and works perfectly with all types of events, being them in-person, virtual or hybrid, small or large, paid or free.

Events Calendars & Listings

Centralize event management

Centralized calendar

Aggregate your events into a single interactive calendar or event listing that auto updates. Provide a centralized event discovery experience for all your website visitors.

Unlimited calendars

Have as many event calendars as you wish. Separate them in individual calendars, or put all under an enterprise account. Create event listings from scratch or clone them.

Website or mobile app

Embed your calendar on any website or mobile app. Just copy a code snippet from our dashboard and paste it into your site. No coding or download required.

CMS integration

Timely solution works perfectly with HTML, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Tumblr, Drupal and several other content management systems.

Public or private

Embed your calendar on either public or private websites. Make your events available online to everyone, or share it only with specific individuals or groups.

Responsive design

Timely was designed for optimal display on all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet. This ensures your website visitors’ user experience is consistent across all devices.

Multiple languages

Timely app and calendar public interface is available in more than 12 languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French and German. Contact us for additional languages.

Custom translation

Easily change the default translation of specific words on the public view of your events calendar, directly from your Timely dashboard without any coding required.

Multiple time zones

Choose to display your calendar in your timezone, or in the local timezone of your website visitors. Allow them to choose which one they want to see your events.

Easy to use application

Timely has a clean design and presentation, and allows intuitive navigation for users of all backgrounds. No technical knowledge or additional web design tools required.

Anytime & anywhere

Since all data is stored in the cloud, your staff and clients can access your online events calendar anytime and anywhere, where there is internet connection.

Design & Customizations

Empower your brand

White-label platform

Impress your website visitors by showcasing all your events and activities on a white-label online calendar that looks like you own the technology behind it.

Custom branding

Personalize your calendar to match your brand and style, including font, colour, background, logo and unique content. Preview your calendar as you customize it in real time.

Customizable CSS

Don’t limit your team’s vision. Have full access to the CSS, making it easy for you to customize your calendar, including custom header, footer and head content.

Multiple calendar themes

Prefer out of the box designs? Choose among Timely's 10+ themes, or use them as a starting point for your calendar design.

Multiple calendar views

Display your events in several ways, including agenda, week, month, stream, tile, poster board and map views. Let visitors choose how they want to view your events calendar.

Customizable toolbar

Customize your toolbar to allow your audience search for events using date range and keywords, subscribe or print to your calendar, or see it in different views or languages.

Slider and carousel views

Show selected events on a slider or carousel separated from your calendar. Choose among different settings including upcoming events, date range and featured events.

Event page layouts

Choose between different event page layout templates to customize your event experience even more.

Built-in filters

Classify events using tags, categories, venues, and organizers. Customize filters' colours, and choose which ones you want to display on your calendar.

Custom filters

Create your own custom filters for event data visitors can search, for example, performers and sponsors. Personalize your filters' colours, and control which ones to display.

Unlimited relabeling

All fields and buttons that appear on the public interface of your calendar can be renamed, giving you additional control over the look and feel of your event listing.

Week start day

Would you like to start your calendar's week on a day other than Monday? Timely allows you to choose the day of the week you want the events calendar to start on.

Event Publishing & Reach

Post content-rich events

Unlimited events

Create as many events to your online listing, as you wish. Save them as templates or drafts. Keep past events for future reference. Some restrictions apply depending on your plan.

Online, in-person or hybrid

Create virtual, live or hybrid events. Connect with your favorite virtual event delivery platform. Display your meeting link on your event page or only to your event attendees.

Multiple event structures

Create one day, multi day, all day, recurring / repeating events for any type of recurrence, events with or without end time, single events or time slots-based events.

Multiple events types

Works well for all sorts of events, including events open to the public or private events; festivals, classes, courses, fundraisings, conferences, meetings, and more.

Preview, publish, save or schedule

Preview your events in real time as you create them. Publish right away, save as a draft, or schedule them to be published at a later time.

Event details

Add as much information as you want to your event landing page, including event description, images, videos, tables, documents, and video conferencing links.

Image library

Increase productivity by uploading media to your searchable image library. Images can be used on event posts, categories, venues and organizers. Automatic image resizing.

Location & directions

Inform your audience about the location and directions of your event on your event page. Works for both online and physical events. Add venue's name, address and image.

Venue list

Create a list of mapped locations linked to your events. Enter location details once for use on multiple events. Create unlimited venues.

Built-in geolocation

Connect Timely with your Google Maps API key and put your events and venues on the map, according to their address' specific lat/long coordinates.

Event organizer

Inform your audience about the organizers of the event on the event landing page. Add the organizer's name, phone number, email, website and image.

Organizer list

Create a list of event promoters and organizers linked to your events. Enter organizer details once for use on multiple events. Create unlimited organizers.

Event timezone

Choose to display specific events in a different timezone than you calendar's timezone, depending on the location of your events.

Featured events

Highlight featured events by giving them a more prominent appearance on your events calendar, slider or carousel.

Public & private events

Customize events' visibility by selecting either Public or Private settings. Display public events to your audience, and private events to logged users only.

Event status

Automatically change the status of your event as circumstances change, and show it as a visible label on your public calendar. Send automated notifications to event registrants.

Event search

Allow your website visitors search for events based on date range, keywords, map location, as well as your pre-determined filters.

Event filters

Make it easier for your audience to search and find events on your calendar. Add category, tags, venues, organizer and custom filters to your published events.

Event SEO

Boost your online visibility with Timely SEO tools, including custom domain, customizable event HTML tags, and event schema ready.

Reverse publishing

Use Timely event listing as a single source for online and print publications. Select events based on date range and filters to create an even more tailored publication.

Internal notes

Add any type of information to your event posts as internal notes, which can only be seen by your team.

Event Aggregation

Import relevant events
Import events

Import events created in other calendars, including Google, Apple and Outlook, by uploading CSV / ICS files or through URL feeds. Import tags and filters.

Smart sync

Sync event data from the original source without creating duplicate events on your calendar.

Automated imports

Schedule automated imports from your selected sources, and keep your events calendar always up to date with ease.

Event Finder

Find and import events from Timely’s event network of more than 500,000 upcoming events worldwide. Search for in-person or online events by location or keyword.

Chrome extension

Use Timely’s Chrome extension to import selected events from Eventbrite, All Events in, and other online sources.

Import categories

Automatically assign event categories and filters to imported events. Save time and resources.

Publishing controls

Publish imported events automatically to your events calendar, or save them as a draft to review and post at a later time.

Community Events

Let users submit events
Event submission form

Add a simple event submission form to your calendar and let users submit events. After approval, events submitted are automatically published on your calendar. No manual entry.

Standard event fields

Event submission form standard fields allow event submitters input event title, description, date, time and other information.

Custom fields

Use custom fields in your form to gather additional information about the event, venue or organizer, and personalize it even more. Fields can be optional or required.

Custom filters

Require your event submitters to add your pre-determined filters to their events. Allow them to search for available filters, or add new filter items, if necessary.

Disclaimer text

Add a personalized disclaimer text at the end of your event submission form. For example, refer to your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or current protocols for events.

Sell event ads

Transform your event calendar in a revenue generating machine by charging your event submitters an advertisement fee to publish their events on your calendar.

External tickets

Allow event submitters to add information about their ticket price, and link their event post to their official event page and/or external tickets website.

Payment gateways

Connect Timely with your PayPal, Stripe, Square and Authorize.net accounts and get paid as you sell ads or event tickets on behalf of your event submitters.

Invoice generator

Generate professional invoices for each payment received. Display line-item discounts, and calculate taxes automatically. Manage invoices easily.

Manage event and submitters

Have total control over the people who submit events to your event listing. Approve each submitter or event manually, or automate the whole process.

Enhanced security

Protect your event and events calendar from spammers with event submitter required registration and reCAPTCHA.

Email notifications

Receive an email notification when a new event submitter registers to your calendar, and new events are submitted.

Customizable event submission email templates

Personalize the automated emails that are sent to your team and your event submitters, according to your brand and tone of voice.

Event Promotion & Distribution

Promote events with ease

Social media publishing

Save time by posting your events automatically to Facebook and LinkedIn directly from your Timely dashboard.

Calendar subscriptions

Allow your audience to add all your events or a specific event to their personal calendars, including Google, Apple and Outlook calendars (iCal).

Export event details

Decide if you want to allow your audience to download your event information as ICS or XML, which can then be added to multiple calendar types.

Email Newsletter

Send automated email newsletters with your upcoming events, using our MailChimp integration.

Social Interactions & Engagement

Encourage user interaction

Social share buttons

Encourage people to share your events with their friends with a simple click. Supported platforms include Facebook and LinkedIn, among others.

Comment Integration

Integrate Facebook Comments and Disqus into your calendar for enhanced user interaction and engaging conversations with your audience, providing a richer experience across all devices.

Event Registration & Ticketing

Manage event registrations and tickets
Free registration built-in

Have a custom event registration (RSVP) for free events integrated with your online calendars, and limit the number of attendees for your events.

Paid registration built-in

Sell tickets and accept payment for events directly from your event calendar. Stop sending your audience to third party websites, and lower your website bounce rate.

Booking requests

Have more control over your event registrations by making your audience ask you to join your events. Review the list of registrants, then approve or reject their booking request at your discretion. 

Flexible ticket types

Choose among several different ticket types to encourage early RSVP and ticket sales. Offer VIP and general admission tickets, as well as tiered tickets and time-sensitive ticket lots.

Single event or time slot

Offer both single events and time slot events registration (RSVP) and time slot-based ticketing, depending on your event structure.

Reserved seating area

Allow your clients to decide where they want to seat. Add a seating chart image to your event page for easy reference, and sell tickets based on your seating disposition.

Limit spots availability and purchases

Limit the quantity of spots available for registration or purchase. Set a maximum number of spots available per booking. Block ticket availability for specific dates and times after tickets went on sale.

Show available spots

Create scarcity and encourage clients to register for your events or purchase your tickets by showing how many spots you still have available for each specific event.

Waiting lists

Offer potential attendees a chance to participate even when events reach full capacity. Enable a waiting list and provide an efficient way to fill vacant spots, optimizing event attendance. 

Custom registration forms

Customize your event registration questionnaire with custom fields. Create checkbox, "yes or no", and open ended questions. Ask people to consent to your terms and conditions by adding a hyperlink to the form. 

Promotional codes

Encourage your audience commit and register for your events by creating discount codes, which can be applied to all events in your calendar, or only to specific events.

Recurring bookings

Allow your customers to register or purchase multiple recurrences of an event at the same time, instead of booking every single occurrence, one by one.

Payment gateways

Connect Timely with your PayPal, Stripe, Square, or Authorize.net accounts, and get paid faster, as the tickets sell. 


Accept multiple currencies so you can sell tickets to your events in any currency, build trust, and  reach a global audience.

Invoice generator

Generate professional invoices for each payment received. Display line-item discounts, and calculate taxes automatically. Manage invoices easily.

Pass on or absorb fees

Decide who pays the ticket fees. You can either absorb the fees, or pass them on to your event attendees.

Real-time ticket availability

Events and tickets' availability are updated automatically and in real time. No double selling seats.

Track event responses

Collect attendees' response information instantaneously. Know in advance who is coming to your event. Own and control all your RSVP and ticketing data.

Automated and manual notifications

Set up automated registration and purchase confirmation emails, event reminders and event change notifications. Alternatively, send them manually based on your own internal workflows.

Customize email and ticket templates

Customize emails and tickets templates according to your brand and tone of voice. Add images, email addresses and dynamic fields to personalize your messages even more. 

Virtual events links 

Only show livestream links (webinar, Zoom, etc.) to attendees who have RSVP or purchased a ticket to your event. Send them the link by email automatically. 

At-home printing

Allow your patrons the option to print their event vouchers or tickets at home. They can also save them on their mobile devices.

Ticket numbering

Tickets can be sequentially numbered and have their own price, stock and SKU. Download individual tickets or multiple tickets in bulk.

Cancellations & refunds

Manage RSVP, ticket and invoices cancellations and refunds from one only event management platform.

Event Operations & Analytics

Control event attendance and operations

Attendee management

Search and find attendees by name, event title, order number or purchase date. Send them automated notifications and emails. Process cancellations and refunds. Download the attendee list as CSV or PDF.

Share attendees lists with partners

Enhance communication with sponsors, exhibitors and speakers without giving them access to your Timely account. Send them attendees' lists via email in an automated manner. 

Contactless & paperless

Provide a contactless and paperless experience to your patrons by scanning QR codes directly from their mobile phones. It is safer, and saves time and resources.

On-site QR code check-in

Check-in your attendees at the door. Do it automatically by scanning the QR code located in their event tickets, or manually through Timely's software.

Order management

Know in real time how much money you have made in ticket sales and event advertisement fees. Manage cancellations and refunds from one single platform.

Analytics & reporting

Get detailed reports and data about your events, so you can review it and make educated decisions on what to do next and how to improve.

Room Scheduling

Accept venue bookings online

Space booking

Allow your website users to search your venue listings online, select and reserve your available spaces or rooms for a specified period of time. They can book directly from their own devices, and on the go.

Booking requests

Take control over your venue bookings by making customers apply to book your space. Review each application manually, then decide if you want to accept or deny their booking requests. 

Custom registration forms

Collect information from your clients with a customized registration form. Create checkbox, "yes or no", and open ended questions. Add a hyperlink to your rental terms and ask them to consent. 

Free and paid bookings

Accept both free and paid space bookings. Make your bookable space readily available to your audience online. Generate revenue from venue and meeting room rentals.

Custom filters

Organize your bookable space according to room size, capacity, amenities, location, and more. Make it easier for people to search and find the right space based on their needs.

Recurring meetings booking

Let your clients book a room for single or repeating meetings. Let them know which recurring dates and times and sold out prior to booking. 

Room details

Add a detailed description of your space so users can make an informed decision before booking any room. Add location, images, floor plan, and even videos.

Real-time availability

Provide real-time room availability so your users can see which spaces are available at any given moment, allowing them to book spaces on demand.

Team booking

Allow your users to book space on behalf of others.

Automated email notifications

Send automated booking confirmation and notification emails to your users.

Custom emails and vouchers

Personalize your email templates and rental confirmation vouchers to match your brand.

Space resource management

Manage meeting rooms inventory and usage, and optimize your space. Avoid double booking.

Account Set Up & Management

Easily set up and manage your account
Unlimited users

Start with one user and add more, as your business’ needs increase.

Flexible account administration

Add users and assign them administrative controls based on their roles. Decide who receives automatic notifications from the Timely application.

Manage and upgrade your plan

Easily manage and upgrade your subscription plan by yourself, directly from your Timely account. Self-serve options available for certain plans.

Administrator dashboard & analytics

Monitor the activity of your published calendars, see events related data, and download reports.

Onboarding & training

Receive live one-on-one onboarding training, pre-recorded video tutorials and a comprehensive knowledge base also help you set up and use Timely.

Incredible customer support

Our dedicated support team offers different levels and channels of support depending on your needs, including knowledge base, video tutorials, email, chat and video call.

Calendar migration

Easily migrate your events from other online calendars to Timely. Export all your data easily if for any reason you decide to leave us.

Security, Privacy & Accessibility

Safe, secure and reliable system

System Security

Highly secure application, including SQL server RDE, SSL/TLS protocol, data encrypted at rest, backups and CDN. Plus security policies and technical and organizational measures.

Data Privacy

Compliant with global privacy laws, including GDPR, COPPA, CaIOPPA, PIPEDA and LGPD. Plus privacy policy and breach response protocols. Data Protection Agreement upon request.

PCI-DSS Compliant

Protect yourself and your customer. With Timely you can accept online payments via PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net – all PCI DSS certified.


Timely software is Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant. Thus, it is accessible not only for your staff, but also your audience and the community with disabilities.



Link Timely with other softwares

Open API

Custom communication protocol between Timely and other softwares. Once configured, it will allow you to pull data from your Timely public calendar to other softwares.

Single sign-on

SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language) standard provides user authentication through SSO (Single Sign-on).

Social Media

Integrate with Facebook and LinkedIn, and post your events automatically from your Timely dashboard. Save time and increase productivity.

Email Marketing

Integrate with MailChimp, and send automated email newsletters with your upcoming events to your email list.

Payment Gateways

Connect Timely with your PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net accounts. Manage ads and ticket sales. Get paid as the tickets sell. No waiting until after the event to get the funds.

Virtual events platforms

Deliver events through any virtual event delivery platform, such as Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams. Send livestream link to attendees by email automatically.

Dream Features to Boost your Event Management Toolkit

With so many features, Timely event management software is the event professionals’ best friend. Say goodbye to managing your event business offline, and say hello to your new event management toolkit.

If you have a unique business model or have any event management software feature in your wish list that you do not see here, do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly improving our software solutions and would love to make your dreams come true.

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