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Product Update

At Timely, our team works hard to improve our event management software solutions and meet the always changing needs of our clients. As we are proud of the product we are building, we love to share product update news with our users, customers and event lovers. 

Our SaaS solutions Event Calendar, Event Ticketing, Event Booking, Online Training and Online School Agenda are used by more than 150,000 active clients, located in more than 150 countries and territories, all over the world. In addition, our solutions have been translated to multiple languages. As of today, Timely has helped the most various types of event companies to create more than 2 million events.

We provide to clients from a variety of markets and industries, including Media & Event Promoters, Event Venues, Theatres & Museums, Schools, Colleges & Universities and Nonprofits & Charities, just to name a few. We aim to create technology that brings communities together and turns events into lasting memories. Count on us to help you achieve your event management goals. 

Timely’s vision is to bring the world close together, one event at a time. Thus, we work hard everyday on improvements and solutions to help and empower event businesses bringing communities together and turning events into lifelong memories. 

It is extremely exciting to know that as we continue on our mission to bring people and communities together and give them a sense of belonging, we’re only getting started.

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