There are many reasons to try a Timely calendar. Here are a few:

  • Timely is a worldwide platform for live experiences that allows brands to create, host, and ¬†promote events in many varieties of categories, location, or types.
  • We empower event organizers, distributors, and seekers to use our platform for events ranging from yoga classes, seminars, music festivals and cultural celebrations all over the world.
  • Through EventDiscovery anyone can publicly find events on Timely. This allows more creators to produce amazing experiences, and attract more attendees for their events.
  • Our platform is designed to be a powerful tool to manage and promote events. Creators can use our platform without training, support or professional services directly through their own websites.
  • The Calendar is available for anyone for free and it can be empowered with affordable upgrades to add lots of value to creators.

What kind of calendar should you try?

Timely believes that your calendar should adapt to you and not the other way around.

The Pro: A calendar for event creators

If you want to create your own events and then distribute them to the world, we recommend the Timely Pro calendar. It looks great on your website and can distribute your events automatically to other calendars.

The Hub: A calendar for event aggregators

This is a great calendar for media, tourism boards, or a local media entrepreneurs who want to pull in events from around your community and showcase them to the world.

The Hublite: A calendar for event creators that need additional features

If you run a small to medium sized organization and rely on creating and distributing events as an additional source of income or promoting your business/cause, the Hublite calendar is for you. It offers all the automation of event management and promotion of the Pro bundle with additional features that enables you to expand your reach to a larger audience as well as let others to manage your events on your behalf.