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Use Timely’s powerful event management software for event promoters and media companies to increase your reach, grow your audience and monetize your events. Perfect for big media organizations and emerging ones, as well as community entrepreneurs and local blogs.

Put Your Events in the Spotlight with Timely Event Management Software for Event Promoters and Media Companies

Timely’s products help you connect with your audience and offer content tailored to their needs. They also contribute to increase the traffic of your site and the profitability of your events. Count on us to assist you find the product that works best for your business.

Media and Event Promoters' Major Event Management, Marketing and Promotion Challenges:

We’ve been working with event professionals since 2012. Thus, we completely understand the challenges faced by media and event promoters today.

Media Companies & Event Marketing Agencies

Young executives from media company talking about event management software for event promoters & media agencies
  • In person or online, events are a great way to promote your business and get others to promote theirs on your website. Therefore, you want to focus on event marketing.
  • Online presence is fairly important in your business. However, it is difficult to drive traffic to your site and serve your loyal readers at the same time.
  • Increasing traffic does not necessarily mean additional sources of revenues for your outlet, advertising does.
  • Local businesses and small event promoters want to advertise their events on your site, but the current process is burdensome.
  • You manage several media websites, each with their own calendar of events and social media profiles. In your view, promoting events online is labour-intensive and time-consuming.
  • You need to maintain an edge over your competitors.
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Event Promoters & Community Entrepreneurs

A female media and event promoter using Timely event management software for event promoters & media agencies
  • You want a website with an events calendar as professional as you.
  • There is a gap between what the media is offering and what your public needs. You want to lead your community to better events.
  • You lose relevant online traffic by sending your audience away to third-party event promotion websites.
  • You understand your public, but sometimes you find it difficult to curate events that fit their needs.
  • Building a relationship with your community and allowing people to share their events with your audience is important to you. However, you don’t have the tools to make it happen.
  • You are a community leader, but find selling and marketing events challenging. It is difficult to create a revenue stream by matching community needs with the right events.
Event promoter attending an event set up with Timely's event management software for event promoters & media agencies

How can Timely Software Help Event Promoters and Media Companies Manage Events More Efficiently?

Our event technology helps media companies, marketing agencies, event promoters and community entrepreneurs achieve their event goals in many ways:

Centralize Event Management

Aggregate all relevant events that are happening in your town, city, county or region. Integrate all local event schedules into your website calendars. Manage everything from a single platform with ease.

Embed on Your Website

Have an online events calendar integrated to your website, and improve your website’s SEO in a meaningful way. Offer relevant events to your target audience, and stand out from the competition.

Post Content-Rich Events

Engage your existing viewers and attract new ones by bringing in person and online events that interest them. Add media, videos and links and get their attention. Show your events with stunning calendar views.

Import Relevant Events

Easily fill your calendar with relevant events and amaze your audience. Consolidate your calendars, transfer events in bulk, and find and import events from multiple sources automatically.

Let Users Submit Events

Generate automatic content and advertising revenue with an event submission form. Allow the community to submit events to your calendar for free or for a fee, while keeping full publishing controls.

Promote Events with Ease

Post events from your calendar to Facebook and LikedIn automatically and in bulk. Share events on other social media platforms. Boost event attendance with automated emails and rsvps.

Sell Event Tickets Online

Monetize events by selling tickets from your own website, instead of driving traffic to third-party ticketing platforms. Rest assured that all payment transactions are secure, and all data is protected.

Enhance Customers' Experience

Simplify how your customers do business with you from the first contact and make a big impression. Impress your clients with branded communications, and make it easy for them to pay online.

Own your Clients

Generate leads, track sales and manage customer relationships. Own and nurture your client list. Rest assured that we will not contact your event attendees or use their data – as most event listing websites do.

Boost your event marketing and promotion campaigns with Timely event technology. Try for free or book a meeting to learn more!

Increase your Audience, Reach and Revenue by Showcasing What is Happening in your Community

Timely’s event management software for event promoters and media companies is more than an event discovery solution. It helps your media organization attract new customers, increase website traffic and earn revenue with event submissions, ads and ticket sales.


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Benefits of the Timely Event Management Software for Event Promoters and Media Companies

From event planning to lead generation, Timely event management software for event promoters and media companies helps you excel at what you do and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. With Timely’s help, you can generate revenue by nurturing authentic, quality relationships within your local community quickly and effectively. Here is how:

Online Presence

Whether you need support for building a web presence or you’re trying to increase traffic to your site, Timely’s event marketing software for media and event promoters can help give you an edge over your competitors in a tough marketplace.

Event Promotion & Engagement

If you’re looking for marketing tools to promote events, turn to Timely. Create, advertise, and manage any event from one convenient calendar. Post your events on social media automatically, and send automated newsletters, emails and notifications to your audience.

Event Aggregation & Crowdsourcing

Aggregate events from other sources and populate your calendar with events imported from other online sources, automatically. You can also add an event submission form to your website and enable users to submit events to your calendar. Become the go to place for events in your community!

Event Tickets

Sell event tickets and manage RSVPs with our seamless and efficient event ticketing software. Visualize your entire event promotion strategy from the Timely CRM.

Put simply, there’s no alternative to Timely – we’re here to help you grow by offering you some of the highest quality event management software for event promoters and media companies on the market! Set an website event calendar and monitor event ticketing, all at the click of a button. Are you ready to upgrade your media and event promotion services? Book a demo to learn more!

What Do Our Clients Say About Timely Event Platform?

At Timely, we are committed to building the best event technology, and providing the best customer experience possible. 
But don’t take our word for it. Check out some customer testimonials from real clients and event industry experts.

Four atheles on a rowing competition organized with Timely event software517 Living
517 Living
517 Living

“Timely is the core of 517 Living. Our community calendar is the most visited page on our website. It helped us become known as the place for events in the Lansing area”.


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Safe, Secure and Reliable Software

Discover how Timely event technology can take your events, training programs and venues to the next level.

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Custom Features

White label application that allows many design customizations, including font, colour, background, logo and unique content. Customize your online calendar, landing pages and even confirmation emails.

icon application representing Timely Event Management software solutions easy to use

Easy to Use

Timely platform has a clean design and presentation, and allows an intuitive navigation for users of all types and backgrounds. Count on our comprehensive knowledge base to help you learn, use and get the most of Timely software.

icon globe representing Timely Event Management software solutions can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Anytime and Anywhere

Since all data is stored in the cloud, your staff and clients can access your online calendar anytime and anywhere. In addition, our software is fully compatible across all devices and platforms.

icon puzzle representing Timely Event Management software solutions custom features

PCI-DSS Compliant

Protect yourself and your customers by reducing the risk of debit and credit card data being lost. Accept online payments via PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net – all PCI DSS certified.

icon lock representing Timely Event Management software solutions has high privacy and security standards

High Privacy and Security

Easily comply with global privacy laws, including GDPRCOPPACaIOPPAPIPEDA  and  LGPD. Furthermore, our solutions are highly secure, including SSL/TLS protocol, encryption and additional controls.

icon starts representing Timely Event Management software solutions are accessible for people with disabilities


Our web based application is Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant. Therefore, it is accessible not only for your staff and volunteers, but also your audience and the community with disabilities.

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