10 Best Online Whiteboard Apps: Free & Paid Options for 2024

April 2, 2024  
Reading time: 10 minutes

Looking for the perfect whiteboard app to enhance your virtual courses and training programs in 2024? Look no further! In this article, we present an extensive guide to the 10 best whiteboard applications. Both free and paid, that are sure to meet all your online training and collaboration needs. Whether you are a corporate trainer leading remote teams, an educational institution transitioning to virtual learning, or an individual tutor striving for interactive lessons. Whiteboard apps can surely help you keep students engaged.

From real-time collaboration, to intuitive user interface and a wide range of features, including drawing, sticky notes, and even video conferencing capabilities, these whiteboard online tools offer a seamless and immersive experience for all your training endeavours. Indeed, these apps facilitate effective knowledge dissemination, active participation, and impactful teaching – leaving lasting imprints.

So, join us as we dive into the realm of digital whiteboard apps. Exploring their distinctive attributes and capabilities that transform online training into engaging learning experiences.

a beautiful modern green office room with a wide whiteboard on the wall to represent the idea behind the name "whiteboard app".

I. What is a Whiteboard App? 

A whiteboard app is a digital platform that replicates the functionality of a traditional whiteboard. Allowing users to draw, write, and present ideas using a variety of tools and features. It provides an interactive canvas where users can collaborate in real-time. Making it an ideal tool for virtual classrooms and online training. 

II. How Whiteboard Tools are Relevant for Training Providers?

For training providers, whiteboard apps offer a dynamic way to engage learners. By visually explaining concepts, illustrating ideas, and encouraging mutual discussions.

These tools bridge the gap between physical and virtual learning environments. Enabling trainers to create engaging and immersive training sessions that promote comprehension, active participation, and effective knowledge transfer.

a woman leading a professional online training to another woman through a computer screen.

III. Why Training Providers May Lean Towards Free Online Whiteboards

A training provider may lean towards free online whiteboards for several reasons, including:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Free whiteboard apps offer essential features without the financial commitment of a paid option. This can be beneficial for smaller training budgets or when exploring the feasibility of incorporating a whiteboard app into training sessions.
  • Basic Functionality: If your requirements are relatively simple, a free white board app might fulfill their needs adequately. Basic drawing, writing, and collaboration tools can still enhance engagement and interactivity in online sessions.
  • Limited Usage: If the training provider only occasionally uses whiteboard online tools and doesn't require advanced capabilities, a free app can serve as a convenient tool for occasional visual explanations and interactions.
  • Exploration: Free options allow training providers to test different whiteboard apps, familiarize themselves with the technology, and determine which features are essential before committing to a paid solution.

IV. Advantages of Selecting a Paid Whiteboard App for Training Providers

Selecting a paid white board app can offer numerous advantages for training providers, such as:

  • Advanced Features: Paid digital whiteboard apps often provide more advanced tools, templates, and integrations that can significantly enhance the quality of online training. These features can include real-time collaboration, integrations with other software, and enhanced design capabilities.
  • Customization: Paid solutions usually offer more personalization options, allowing training providers to tailor the software interface and functionality to their specific teaching needs, branding, and style.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Premium online whiteboard apps often provide better collaboration features, such as simultaneous editing, version history, and interactive elements. These features can foster a more engaging and mutual learning environment.
  • Customer Support: Paid options usually come with customer support, which can be invaluable when technical issues arise or when assistance is needed to fully utilize its features.
  • Scalability: For training providers with larger audiences or complex training sessions, paid whiteboard apps can handle higher levels of traffic, offer better performance, and accommodate a broader range of training scenarios.
  • Security and Privacy: Paid software solutions, in general, often provide better security measures and data privacy options, which is crucial when dealing with sensitive training content and user data.

In summary, the choice between a paid or free online whiteboards depends on your specific needs, budget, and objectives. Free apps have basic functionalities and limited usage, while paid applications offer advanced features, customization, better support, and scalability for more comprehensive and engaging online training experiences.

V. Best Whiteboard Apps for Training Providers

Amidst the swiftly changing educational landscape. Where traditional classrooms seamlessly shift into the digital space, training providers have a great opportunity. That is, to harness technology to enrich their online sessions. 

Whether you're an experienced educator or beginning your online teaching journey. Whiteboard apps are powerful tools to help deliver impactful and engaging sessions. Therefore, providing an interactive arena for collaboration, elucidation, and ideation. Here is the curated list of the 10 best whiteboard apps for training providers today:

  1. Miro
  2. Zoom
  3. Mural
  4. InVision Freehand 
  5. Microsoft Whiteboard
  6. Stormboard
  7. Limnu 
  8. Google Jamboard
  9. LucidSpark
  10. Ayoa Ultimate
three young people smiling and having a lively interaction while looking at a tablet.

VI. 10 Best Whiteboard Applications for Enhancing Your Training Course

Whiteboard apps distinguish themselves through a variety of features and user experiences. When selecting the best whiteboard app, training providers should consider several factors. Furthermore, the ideal whiteboard app should align with your training objectives, style, and technological needs. We hope the following information will help you in your search for the best Whiteboard for your needs.

1. Miro

Miro is a flexible whiteboard app designed for collaboration and brainstorming. It offers a digital canvas where users can create visual diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts, and more. With real-time collaboration features, training providers can engage learners by facilitating mutual discussions, organizing ideas visually, and enhancing teamwork. Miro's extensive template library and integrations make it useful for designing training materials, collaborating on projects, and fostering creativity in virtual training sessions.

Furthermore, with over 20 million users, Miro is a leading online whiteboard app that facilitates communication and collaboration across formats, tools, and time zones. It provides a clean, intuitive interface and exceptional features, like a zoomable whiteboard, templates, sticky notes, and flow charts, making it ideal for learners and educators to brainstorm and collaborate. 

Also, Miro's unique feature lies in its capacity to transform entered data into various charts like pie charts and bar charts, setting it apart. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with popular apps like Zoom, Dropbox, and Google Suite, strengthening its functionality for remote training. Offering free access to three editable boards, Miro also provides paid plans starting at just $8, making it a versatile and affordable choice for enhancing training experiences.

woman logged inn on Zoom with her team for a training on the whiteboard app.

2. Zoom Whiteboard App

While primarily known for video conferencing, Zoom also provides a built-in whiteboard feature. It enables trainers to draw, write, and annotate during live video sessions, enhancing visual explanations and real-time engagement. 

Additionally, Zoom's whiteboard functionality can be particularly beneficial for clarifying concepts, illustrating complex ideas, and encouraging active participation, fostering a more interactive and immersive training experience. Since, this built-in white board app enables brainstorming and collaboration on a persistent, expandable digital canvas. 

Finally, learners, whether in-person or remote, can ideate effortlessly from their Zoom-enabled devices. With intuitive features for extended learning, Zoom even allows hosts to disable learner annotations when necessary. Zoom has a free online whiteboard option, allowing for up to 3 concurrently editable boards.

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3. Mural

Mural is a digital workspace for visual collaboration. It offers a canvas for creating hands-on workshops, ideation sessions, and design thinking activities. For training providers, Mural can be a valuable virtual whiteboard tool for facilitating group activities, co-creating content, and organizing information visually. Its templates and sticky note features make it easy to structure lessons, gather feedback, and encourage collaboration among learners.

Originally developed as a remote collaboration tool, Mural's extensive feature set now caters to various scenarios, including virtual training. Its attributes encompass sticky notes, timers, voting mechanisms, shapes, charts, wireframes, and more, alongside a library of 200+ templates. Mural offers a free version with 3 murals and unlimited members, or an upgrade option to the Team+ plan for $9.99. While optimized for Google Chrome, it also offers integrations, though fewer than Miro.

a group of people brainstorming at an office with multiple colourful sticky notes.

4. InVision Freehand

Just like Miro and Mural, InVision Freehand serves as a viable option for teams. However, its prime offerings are curated towards designers. Seamlessly synchronize your Sketch, Photoshop, and Figma files, or construct mockups through the integrated wireframe tool, all while receiving instantaneous input from collaborators and stakeholders. The top-right corner of the whiteboard showcases user icons, each accompanied by a dot mirroring their markup color, while effortless tasks like text insertion and file uploads are just a click away on the top toolbar.

Finally, InVision Freehand is a digital online whiteboard that focuses on design collaboration. It's well-suited for training providers who teach design-related subjects. Learners can collaborate on wireframes, prototypes, and design concepts in real time. This app enhances design discussions, provides a platform for design critique, and enables trainers to guide learners through the creative process remotely. When it comes to pricing, there is a free plan available allowing for 3 editable boards and from $4.95/user/month for the Pro plan with unlimited boards.

5. Microsoft Whiteboard App

Microsoft Whiteboard is an interactive canvas integrated into Microsoft 365. It's ideal for trainers who use Microsoft's suite of tools. The app allows trainers to draw, write, and add digital objects to the board. It can be used to illustrate concepts, solve problems visually, and create engaging lessons that seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft applications. 

Furthermore, a special mention goes to the vast array of resources available for mastering Microsoft Whiteboard. With a dedicated blog, YouTube tutorials, Teams groups, and a comprehensive ultimate guide, you'll quickly become a proficient user of the application. As far as pricing goes, Microsoft Whiteboard does not offer a free version, and the paid version starts at $6.99/month.

6. Stormboard

Stormboard offers a digital space for brainstorming, ideation, and organizing ideas visually. Training providers can leverage its features to facilitate group discussions, gather feedback, and create collaborative mind maps. 

Stormboard's emphasis on structured collaboration makes it suitable for trainers aiming to foster creativity, encourage participation, and streamline idea generation in their online training sessions. Finally, this whiteboard app offers a free option for up to 5 people, and the business plan starts at $8.33/month.

close-up shot of a professional report with charts and tables and two people's hands pointing to it.

7. Limnu

Limnu is a simple yet effective online whiteboard app that focuses on real-time collaboration. It provides a blank canvas where users can draw, sketch, and explain ideas. For training providers, Limnu can be a quick and straightforward solution to visually explain concepts, solve problems, and create diagrams, making complex topics more accessible to learners.

Beyond delivering lifelike marker drawings, Limnu boasts an array of collaborative tools that seamlessly facilitate the transition to online teaching. To grant board access, simply click the share icon and copy/paste the link; you can even control permissions for a view-only experience. Since your virtual students can swiftly access your whiteboard without cumbersome sign-up procedures, potential tech obstacles won't hinder your teaching sessions. 

Finally, Limnu offers the free online whiteboard plan with a 14-day window to access board content, it also has the upgrade option to the Pro plan starting at $5 per month. 

8. Google Jamboard

Similar to Microsoft, Google offers its own whiteboard application as part of the G-Suite package, known as Google Jamboard. Accessible via a mobile app or web browser, Jamboard offers a 55-inch cloud-powered whiteboard option for classrooms. 

Google Jamboard is ideal for trainers who rely on Google's productivity tools. It enables trainers to create practical lessons, encourage participation through visual activities, and foster collaborative learning experiences among learners.

Particularly beneficial for training providers implementing flipped or hybrid classroom models, Jamboard whiteboard app enables remote learners worldwide to collaboratively engage with the physical whiteboard through their devices. 

Jamboard's versatility shines with features like image insertion, note addition, and direct web asset integration, along with seamless integration of content from Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The Jamboard app is available for free, while the physical whiteboard is priced starting from $4,999.

professional young man standing in an office room next to a whiteboard with a marker on his hand.

9. LucidSpark Whiteboard App

LucidSpark is a virtual whiteboard tool designed for visual collaboration and brainstorming. It offers features like sticky notes, freehand drawing, and multimedia integration. Training providers can use Lucidspark to organize ideas, facilitate mutual discussions, and encourage learners to contribute and co-create during training sessions.

Additionally, LucidSpark seamlessly integrates not only with apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but also forms a strong synergy with its counterpart, LucidCharts, catering to users already engaged with the latter. Although it may not encompass the complete feature set of Miro, LucidSpark whiteboard app presents a rich array of functionalities, even venturing into gamification territory with interactive and icebreaker games to foster collaboration and familiarity among team members. 

While the basic plan offers three boards for free, it comes with feature limitations. Individually, the plan commences at $7.95, while the team plan starts at $9 per use, per month.

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10. Ayoa Ultimate

Ayoa Ultimate is a comprehensive whiteboard app that combines visual thinking tools with task management features. Training providers can use Ayoa to plan lessons, track progress, and collaborate with learners. Its flexibility makes it suitable for creating practical lesson plans, tracking assignments, and fostering a more organized and productive online training environment.

Furthermore, Ayoa Ultimate encompasses online whiteboards along with mind maps and task boards within its plan, all of which can be seamlessly interconnected with the whiteboards created by you and your team. The integration allows for the addition of mind maps to whiteboards and the sharing of digital sticky notes with task boards, fostering bidirectional collaboration. 

Finally, for those seeking a comprehensive solution amalgamating brainstorming, task management, and whiteboard capabilities for presentations and oversight, Ayoa stands out as the app to consider. Despite the premium pricing, starting at $45/user/month Ayoa offers an exceptional user experience, featuring a functional yet visually appealing interface, noteworthy features like auto-generated presentation mode and robust templates, and commendable support for neurodiversity in the workplace.

professional woman smiling, poking her head out playfully behind a whiteboard.

VII. Conclusion: Elevating Training with Dynamic Whiteboard Apps

In the dynamic landscape of online education, the power of technology to enhance training sessions is undeniable. Through this comprehensive guide to the 10 best whiteboard applications, we've unveiled a world of possibilities for training providers seeking to engage, educate, and empower learners. 

As educators, you understand the significance of interesting content, engagement, and comprehension. Our curated list caters precisely to these priorities, including features that matter most to both trainers and learners.

These whiteboard apps are not just tools; they are gateways to transformative learning experiences. From real-time collaboration to intuitive design tools, these platforms bridge the gap between physical and virtual classrooms. They offer immersive spaces for interactive discussions, visual explanations, and creative brainstorming. Each app is a conduit for effective knowledge transfer, active participation, and impactful teaching. Therefore, ensure that the imprint of your training sessions lingers long after they conclude.

Whether you're leading remote corporate teams, guiding traditional institutions into the digital age, or imparting personalized tutoring, this guide equips you with a roadmap to select the ideal whiteboard app that resonates with your training goals. 

Embrace this journey with us, as these cutting-edge tools empower you to reimagine your online training approach. Paving the way for learners to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the digital era. As you embark on this transformative adventure, remember that the right whiteboard app is more than software – it's a key to unlocking enhanced learning and elevating the art of teaching.

For more relevant training materials, refer to our curated articles to: stay updated on the latest news and technologies with top online training magazines, develop personalized strategies to market your training programs and find the best training platform to fit your unique needs.

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VIII. Scale with Timely Training Management Software

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Just as these online whiteboard apps enhance learner engagement and interaction. Timely streamlines your training programs promotion, course scheduling, participant registration and attendance, as well as several administrative tasks. In addition, Timely offers Professional Services to help you and your team implement and adopt Timely software, as well as an extensive Help Center with useful product guides.

By integrating advanced technology into both training delivery and management, you're poised to create a holistic and impactful training ecosystem. One that sets you apart in the competitive realm of online education. 

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