Examples of Employee Training Programs

5 Examples of Employee Training Programs

July 28, 2022  
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Employee training programs are an essential element for any business nowadays. Regardless of whether you host in-person or online training programs, they are vital to any company. Indeed, they keep employees engaged and up to date with new technologies. In this post, we’ll discuss 5 examples of employee training programs, and how your company can benefit from them.

These programs not only help employees feel valued, but also enhance their skills and professional development. Promoting corporate training helps new hires to understand their place in the organization and feel confident with the work they deliver.

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conference room full of students raising hands to illustrate examples of employee training programs

Examples of Employee Training Programs

Training is often overlooked because people worry about how they're going to afford it. However, if you put in some hard work up front, all those worries go away. Besides having a powerful employee training system, it’s also important to have your material prepared by experts. Most companies have employees who graduated in educational areas and can train their piers. Others, prefer to choose outside people to deliver training courses because of their expertise.

Below, we have listed five common training approaches used by companies to train their employees. We also explain how your company can benefit from them.

1. Onboarding training 

Onboarding is an easy example of employee training program. It is generally the first type of training a company offers to new hires. That’s because this is a type of introductory training, where employees learn more about the company’s culture, values and internal policies. They can also get a first view of all the other employee training programs available to them along the way.

Onboarding training is designed to make the new hire feel part of the family. It generally takes from one day to a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the company and the employee's role. During onboarding training session, an employee can expect to learn about the company and develop basic skills. The goal is to make them feel comfortable in their new journey! 

2. Coaching as an example of employee training program

Man standing in front of a small group of people as an example of employee training program

Many companies are now investing in weekly coaching sessions for employees. In this session, the employee chats with a leader and focuses on a specific goal. For example, to get feedback from their routine, know more about their career goals and how they can develop it together, or ask about ideas to make the work environment better and more productive.

Coaching sessions usually happen once a week, and last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The coach takes notes to develop goals and skills with the coachee. Coaching can help employees feel valued and motivated.

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3. Compliance training

Compliance training is a training mandated by legislation. It helps employees to understand their responsibilities according to the law and as part of the company. When done effectively, compliance training helps avoid information leaking, maintain corporate reputation and authority and improve workplace safety for everyone.

Compliance training is commonly related to rules and regulations that improves and secures our daily lives. For instance, anti-harassment training, money laundering, ethics, diversity, cybersecurity, and data protection.

4. Soft-skills training

person's hand putting wooden pieces together as part of an employee training program

Soft skills training is another example of employee training because they are a must when you want a good workplace. They may be a little underrated, but they can change your day or work for better and determine your professional success.

Time management, team work, problem solving, emotional intelligence and behavior. Those are very important skills to be a good employee, and all companies are noticing and developing soft skills. 

While some people have it naturally, others need a little help to develop these skills. They can make people more productive since they help to develop specific technical skills and problem solving in different scenarios.

5. Teamwork training

Teamwork training is becoming a very popular example of employee training programs nowadays. It consists of training meetings where the leader gives the team a problem they need to solve by working on it together. It can be something related to work, a game, or even a quiz they will work on together. 

This type of training helps develop confidence among team members, as well as soft skills and hard skills. Moreover, teamwork can promote competitiveness in a healthy way by assuring everyone is heard and offered the same opportunities.

These 5 examples of employee training programs are being used by companies to promote employee satisfaction and raise metrics and goals. While they may appear simple to prepare and organize, it’s very important to have a trainer or coach that knows about the specific area they are teaching. 

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Now that you've learned these 5 examples of employee training programs, it is time to put them in practice. With easy-to-use software for online training such as Timely online training software, you can make course modules easily accessible for all your employees (and even external attendees!). Moreover, you will be able to conveniently share links during meetings and classes, handle subscriptions and registrations without difficulty.

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