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Proven event management software for schools, colleges and universities, both public and private. Beautifully showcase your events and better connect with students, faculty, staff and the general public.

Outstand your Campus Events with Timely Event Management System

Timely has a strong presence in global educational markets. So far, we’ve worked with more than 2.000 schools, colleges and universities worldwide. Trust Timely for all your event management needs.

Educational Institutions Event Management Challenges:

We’ve been working with event professionals since 2012. We know the challenges faced by educational institutions when hosting and promoting events.

Elementary & Secondary Schools

students using timely event management software at school
  • You host many school events per year. Currently you use spreadsheets and email to manage and promote your school events, which is time consuming.
  • Successful school fundraising events depend on ticket sales and donations. The tools you use are not helpful.
  • Teacher-student communication outside classroom needs improvement. Homework assignment, delivery and grading need to be speed up. The school community is pushing for more technology in the classroom.
  • You want to be more eco-friendly. Phasing out printed school agendas might be a good solution, but you need a sustainable replacement.

Colleges & Universities

  • Student life is busy at your university campus with many classes, lectures and seminars happening at the same time. However, it is hard to keep up since information is too spread out throughout university departments.
  • You host several high profile events at your campus, and need to make it easier for students and the general public to register for them. You want your audience to visit your website for event tickets and season passes, instead of buying them from third party ticketing platforms.
  • Sports, athletics and performing arts events are an important part of university life. You want to keep your audience informed, drive attendance to your upcoming events, and create loyal fans.
  • You need a complete box office solution that works for both in person and online ticket sales, updates tickets inventory in real time automatically, and is accessible for people with disabilities.
university students attending event organized with Timely event management software

Student Unions, Campus Clubs & Recruitment Agencies

student unions campus club events
  • You are or want to be an influencer among your peers. Being an active member of a student union, society or club will help you develop important leadership skills for your future career.  
  • You want to improve campus life and students and alumni’s experience, increase awareness of relevant issues, or showcase job opportunities to recent graduates. You know that live and virtual events are a great way to achieve all that!
  • There is so much going on at the same time. It is difficult to collect, present and distribute all the relevant events that are happening in your campus. 
  • Events are community-led. Thus, you need your community to tell you and others what is happening.

How can Timely Help Your Educational Organization?

Our event marketing technology helps schools, colleges and universities achieve their event goals in many ways:

Centralize Event Management

Manage one or more event calendar from a single platform. Our web based application is feature rich, easy to use and does not require any software development or web design technical skill.

Embed on Your Website

Have an online events calendar integrated to your website, and improve your website’s SEO in a meaningful way. Offer relevant events to your target audience, and stand out from the competition.

Post Content-Rich Events

Engage your existing viewers and attract new ones by bringing in person and online events that interest them. Add media, videos and links and get their attention. Show your events with stunning calendar views.

Import Relevant Events

Easily fill your calendar with relevant events and amaze your audience. Consolidate your calendars, transfer events in bulk, and find and import events from multiple sources automatically.

Let Users Submit Events

Capture community events with an event submission form in your website. Allow the community to submit events to your calendar, for free or for a fee, while keeping full publishing controls.

Promote Events with Ease

Post events from your calendar to Facebook and Twitter automatically and in bulk. Share events on other social media platforms. Boost event attendance with automated emails and rsvps.

Accept Venue Bookings Online

Allow the community to reserve your function rooms on your website anytime and anywhere. Organize your room schedules and invoicing. Know your space availability at all times and prevent double-booking.

Manage Event Registrations

Collect RSVPs prior to your event and check attendees at the door. Using a single application, show your guests that you are on top of every registration. Increase your repeat business and consequently revenues.

Sell Event Tickets Online

Monetize events by selling tickets from your own website, instead of driving traffic to third-party ticketing platforms. Rest assured that all payment transactions are secure, and all data is protected.

Easily Create your School Events and Showcase a Vibrant Campus Life

Timely’s event management software for schools, colleges and universities is a comprehensive platform for all your campus event scheduling, promotion and ticketing needs.

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Online Courses

Enhance your campus events with Timely event technology. Try for free or book a demo to learn more.

Benefits of the Timely Event Management Software for Schools, Colleges and Universities

A school, college or university hosts many events per year. As a single, one-stop event management software for schools, Timely can effectively and efficiently help them manage and organize events. Some of its other obvious merits are: Promoting events and selling tickets online at the click of a button. It can no doubt result in tremendous sales and time and cost efficiencies. However, it proves to be beneficial in more ways than one:

Helps Students and Parents Plan for Events Ahead of Time

A school event calendar can help increase awareness of events beforehand among both parents, students and the community which would help them plan their time and budget for events that are of interest to them. You no longer have to promote your events separately to parents and the community, minimizing the time and costs associated with creating event flyers or brochures. Plus our event management software can help boost attendance, making your event a smash success.

Provides All Relevant Event Information in a Single Location

Another major advantage of our event management software for schools is that it provides a ready, easily accessible, one-stop information repository for all events. At one quick glance, students, parents and the community can get to know everything about the event, including the date, venue, agenda, and all other relevant information. It takes the stress out of planning and helps them better manage their commute to the event location. Plus keeping abreast of the types of events held in the school at any given time has never been easier! Be it managing planned leaves or absences months in advance, students and parents can benefit immensely from the school event management system.

Right from making it easy to plan numerous events throughout the year to managing date and venue conflicts our event management software for schools makes it easy to organize and manage events, from a one-point location. Whether you’re a school, college, or university, Time.ly takes the stress and cumbersome work out of event organizing.

Set online agendas, manage the event calendar, handle event booking, and monitor event ticketing, all at the click of a button. Are you ready to ease your event organization and management every step of the way? Book a demo to learn more!

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