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10 Best Online Training Platforms for Business Growth in 2024

January 10, 2024  
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We're all aware that training is important for professional development. This is why employee training programs are one of the most efficient methods for enhancing employees’ productivity, knowledge, and expertise. A strong online learning software benefits not only companies but also employees. In this article, we'll discuss the best online training platforms for business growth in 2024, and what makes them stand out.

I. Why Invest in Employee Training Softwares?

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Certainly, training employees is very important. Using an online platform to display your training courses makes it easier for trainers and teachers. They can post all the course details and materials, making them available for students at any time. It also makes it easier for employees, who can easily search, find and register for classes online. Employees can even attend classes, anywhere and at any time. 

One of the significant advantages of online learning is that you can learn 24/7 as needed. Do you want to offer  online classes to employees located in different cities, regions or even countries? Sure! You can use the best online training platforms to offer classes about any and all subjects at any time. This is why many companies are changing their training methods and integrating an e-learning model for work purposes.

Indeed, there are many benefits of using training management software. Now, let's go over some of the most popular options.

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The Best Online Training Platforms for Business in 2024 

Here's a list of the 10 best online training platforms for business, helping you compare and choose the one that best fits your needs:

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1. Timely Training Management Software

With Timely’s employee training system you can centralize all your training and courses. Regardless of whether they are hybrid, online, or in-person. You can also build your own internal expert portal to motivate employees to keep learning via coursework. The best part is that you can choose who has access to this calendar. Moreover, you can allow teams within your company to have their own course calendars and manage their registrations. 

Timely’s Online Training Software provides you a beautiful and completely customizable calendar to match your brand and website. You can add links, training and venue details, create personalized email reminders and confirmations, manage registrations and attendees. All done in one online training platform for business which offers you various tools to improve your training sessions.

Timely’s Online Training Software is also one of the safest and accessible online training software on the market. Check out our demo corporate training calendar to see all the tools you can have on your online training catalog. Then, choose the ones that better suit your needs!

2. SAP Litmos

Litmos is an online training platform used by many major corporations around the world. It offers tools to easily integrate a training library on your website, and measure progress among learners through assessments. Litmos also allows you to create content for trainers- both beginners and experts. In addition, it keeps up with all updates on safety precautions. This way you can ensure that your employees are always safe when they access the training environment. 

3. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a popular employee online training platform. You can easily create courses and automate tasks, customize certifications and gamify interactions. All in an intuitive software that saves time and money while catering to your unique needs. One of the coolest features of TalentLMS is its customizable design. It makes you want to keep coming back because it rewards you with points every time you complete something new or reach milestones. It also allows interactive videos, courses, or certifications that show off your employees' skills on their resumes too!

4. Talent Cards

Talentcards is a mobile online learning platform that leverages microlearning to impact users. No matter where you are, Talentcards' easy-to-use interface lets you learn anytime and anywhere. It also features interactive exercises, or “cards” which make the training experience more engaging for both learners and managers. In addition, Talentcards saves its courses in an offline format so you can keep working on them later on.

5. eFront

eFront is among the best online learning software because it is wonderfully designed and allows users to share and import courses from other platforms. There are many features, such as creating an HTML5 interactive content, and setting expiration dates for certificates with set goals. Furthermore, you can export course rules, attendance records, and prerequisites. Some other notable features include supporting mobile learners and implementing many language-learning tools.

6. Absorb LMS

Absorb Learning Management System software is loaded with unique features and beautiful designs. You can add AI, e-commerce, check performance, create libraries, view analytics and confirm safety certificates. All of these different features make this learning management system superior both aesthetically and functionally.

7. iSpring Learn

iSpring is one of the best online learning platforms in the market today. Not only are they a great platform for creating presentation slides and PowerPoints, but they also provide certification programs that enable you to administer training content while simultaneously providing access to their free tools - reports which are easy-to-use yet surprisingly powerful.

8. Udemy Business

Udemy is a very popular online learning software today. There are over 40 million people that use this platform to watch videos and browse through different categories. Udemy's course store offers video lectures as well as written materials so users can learn when they want, how they want, and wherever they may be. You can benefit your employees with all those courses and features by signing up for Udemy Business.

9. Skillable

Skillable is distinguishable from other best online learning platforms because it is more a hands-on lab online training system. There you can experience what it feels like to do things, and also test your skill level by trying out new tasks. This way employees can share what they know when they're learning something new and work together to create even more opportunities for each other.

10. SwipeGuide

SwipeGuide is a work instruction software for frontline teams to share information, instructional guidance, and learning practices. You can use it to create instructions that are easily accessible across your company eliminating the need for complicated but still unorganized spreadsheets.

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How to Choose the Right Online Training Platform for your Business?

Taking your business to the next level can be easier when you have access to the right online training platform. With reliable platforms and up-to-date industry information, businesses can get an edge over their competitors and stay ahead of the curve. Let's now learn what to consider when choosing the best online training platforms for your businesses.

Understand Your Business Requirements

Before you choose an online training platform, it’s important to understand your unique business requirements. Consider the target audience of your business—Are they beginners or advanced? What features do you need? Do you need in-depth material or something more basic? Make sure the platform meets all of your business requirements before investing in it.

Assess the Best Online Training Platforms

When it comes to online training platforms, you want to ensure that the platform covers all of your business needs and will help you achieve your growth objectives. There are a variety of platforms available, all of which offer unique features. Consider the cost of the service, such as monthly subscriptions and setup fees. Compare features like course creation tools and branding options. Evaluate user-friendliness, scalability and support offered. Finally, think about customer reviews and their overall satisfaction with the platform.

Look For Customization Options

When evaluating the best online training platform for your organization, make sure to look for customization options. Many platforms allow you to tailor-make content that meets your individual needs, while others come with built-in templates and ready-to-go courses. Look for a platform that allows you to create content and course designs tailored to your audience needs. In addition, make sure the platform enables easy modification of existing materials or newly created lessons if needed.

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Evaluate Ease of Use and Cost-Effectiveness

Before picking an online training platform, it’s essential to evaluate its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Consider the platform’s learning management system (LMS) software in order to determine whether the tools on the platform are simple for your users to navigate. Also, consider how much time and energy will be required to learn how to use the platform and create courses with it. Additionally, research costs associated with using the platform to ensure you get the most bang for your buck with a system tailored specifically for your needs.

Ensure Mobile Optimization and Security Measures Are in Place

Many people prefer to use their mobile devices instead of a computer when accessing training. Make sure your chosen platform is optimized for use on mobile devices to ensure you get the most out of it. Additionally, inspect its security measures before deciding on any particular service provider. Check for encryption protocols and two-step authentication processes that keep data secure and protect against malicious attacks from hackers.

Timely Training Management Software is the Best Online Training Platform for Business in 2024

As seen above, when choosing the best online training platform for employees, it's crucial to take into account how your company needs to manage training, how often they're given and which features you need to rely on to make a course successful. Depending on your unique training needs, you may even consider combining two or more online training platforms. 

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There are many LMSs available in the market that provide very unique features but you can trust Timely software for online training when it comes to hosting your employee training sessions. The software offers users an easy-to-use system so that all their business needs are met as well as appealing tools such as a beautifully embedded calendar, interactive descriptions about courses or skill set details, various ways of registering for training events and promoting them across different platforms.

You will find everything that modern education management software has to offer when you use Timely LMS. Check our corporate training calendar demo or book a meeting to chat with one of our experts today!

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