Not sure how our calendar can help you? Wonder how Timely is different?

What does the calendar include?

Whichever calendar you choose, you will get a beautiful, responsive design, optimised for desktop and mobile. You can create content rich events, and showcase them using a variety of views. Check out our Features page for more.

How will the calendar fit into my website or app?

When you create your Timely calendar, you can fit the branding to your website, so it seamlessly fits in with the rest of your content. There’s a variety of ways for you to embed your calendar into your website, and customize what your visitors can see.

Which product is right for me?

If you are creating your own events (perhaps you are a small business, theater, bar, or a gym), then you will want the Pro calendar. If you are looking to pull in events from around your community, then the Hub calendar is for you.

Can I customize the design?

Absolutely! You can modify almost every part of your calendar, including how it looks and how it functions. Choose your theme, choose your layout, choose your fonts, choose your colors — or design your own custom theme.