Not sure how our calendar can help you? Wonder how Timely is different?

What’s the difference between Journey and Trek subscriptions?

The Journey web calendar app is more visual appealing, user friendly and has faster speed. You will get the live preview of your calendar as you interact and create your events. The Journey app also offers some new features, such as Map View, White Labelling, Multi Language,Facebook importing feature with one click, Event finder and more.

Can I have multiple calendars?

For the new SaaS app, Timely JOURNEY it is possible to create multiple calendars under one account by upgrading your account on the Billing console. Please Login from Here .

Why Google Maps does not appear?

You need to enter the Google Maps key in your calendar settings. If the map still does not appear, make sure Geocoding API is enabled. For more information please visit this Link .

Can I import events from Facebook?

After Facebook has made changes to their API, this is no longer possible in all versions, but we’ve created the Chrome Extension as a solution for our new “Journey” app with which it’s possible to import events.

Can the calendar be embedded on the Wix site?

Yes, but due to Wix restriction, only with the iFrame code, please read this following Guide

Is it possible to add feeds in ics or .ical format to your calendar?

Yes, Timely’s Calendar allows you to import feeds from both other Timely Calendars and other calendars (Google, iCal, Outlook, Meetup, EventBrite, etc.). Also, it is possible to import CSV / ICS files.

How to get more features from Timely Calendar?

it is possible to upgrade your account to any plan Pro, Hublite, Hub or Enterprise. Please click Here to move to Biling Console.

I can not log in to the calendar

You probably have tried to login from Here but that is the system we use for the WordPress plugin and our “Trek” Saas app. If you are the new Saas app (Timely JOURNEY) user, then you should login from Here .

I can not log in to Chrome Extension

Facebook Chrome Extension is only available with Timely Journey. If you have signed up with Timely Trek App or WordPress, you will not be able to get access to Facebook Chrome extension. If Facebook is important for you please sign the form Here to request a migration to Timely Journey.

Is it possible to change the date and time formats?

On Timely Journey, there is an option for the date and time format that can be found under Settings > Date & Time. On Trek app, it is not possible to change the format.

Is it possible to translate a calendar?

On Timely Journey, our Hub-lite bundle offers “Multi Language Public View” which allows you to display your events in one of 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

What do I get with the White Labeling feature?

You can replace the Timely logo and brand with your own and hide “Get a Timely Calendar” link.

What is the cancellation policy for products?
You may cancel your subscription by sending an email to to notify Timely to cancel your subscription. For more details on cancellation policy please refer to our full Terms of Service.