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Product Update: November 1, 2022

November 1, 2022  
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At Timely, we are constantly improving our event software solutions. In the past month, we’ve been working on several new features and software improvements. This includes new and updated calendar languages, print button on individual event pages, custom logo on the user sign-in pop-up, and much more. In this post, you will learn all about our product update posted on November 1, 2022.

1. Improvements to Calendars' Public Interface

1.1 New and Updated Calendar Languages

As part of our goal to improve the user experience for people visiting our customers' event calendars, we've added a new language option for you: Polish. We've also corrected some minor mistakes on the Japanese and Chinese languages.

This means that you can currently choose among 17 languages for your Timely event management platform. This feature is available in all plans. If you would like to benefit from it, check how to change the language of your public calendar.

1.2 Show Print Button on Event Pages event management software is one of few systems that allow printing the whole online events calendar with the click of a button.

Now, we added this button to the event pages, allowing printing only the information about the selected event. This new feature was designed to facilitate event promotion to calendar viewers. All they need to do is click on the event page to view its details and the new print button.

screen shot of event page with print button

This feature is available to all plans. To activate it in your calendar, go to Settings > Misc Settings. Then, check the Show print button option to display it to your audience.

1.3 Custom Logo on the User Sign-in Pop-up

We understand how important it is for some of our clients to have their event management system as much personalized as possible, and provide their web visitors a complete white-label experience. Having that in mind, we are happy to announce a new feature that allows a custom logo or image to be added to the Sign-in pop-up screen. 

print screen Timely event platform branding section
print screen of custom logo on sign-in pop-up

This new feature is very useful for clients who have an event submission form integrated with their online calendar, or require users to login using SSO in order to complete event registration or ticket purchase.

Please note that this feature is available to specific plans. If you want to add it to your plan, please contact us. To activate this feature, go to Settings<Branding<Sign in logo.

2. Improvements to Automated Emails and Templates

As you might know, Timely event software is not only an event management and promotion tool, but can also save you time and increase productivity. Indeed, depending on the actions performed by you or your audience, our system can send automated emails to everyone involved.

For example, automated emails are sent to your event submitters when they submit an event to your calendar, and confirmation emails are sent to your customers when they purchase a ticket from you. See below the latest improvements on automated emails and templates.

2.1. New "Reply-to" Setting

In the past, when sending personalized emails from our dashboard you could only choose the standard email, which left attendees without any means of directly contacting event organizers if they had questions or needed help. 

We understood this wasn't an ideal solution for some clients. Therefore, we've recently created the Reply to feature, as a customizable email setting. This new feature allows you to set up a specific email address for people to contact you if they need any assistance related to their event ticket purchase or registration process.

print screen timely event platform calendar emails settings

Please note that this feature is available to specific plans. If you want to add it to your plan, please contact us. To activate this option, go to Settings > Calendar Emails and check the box Enable Custom Reply-To Email.

2.2. Event Organizer Information on Ticketing / RSVP Templates

For those who are familiar with the email template customization feature, we’ve added a new template called Organizer information. Now, you can choose which information about your event organizers you want to add to your email templates as dynamic fields.

You can find this option on the Ticketing/RSVP menu, on the Templates section.

print screen of Timely event platform with organizer information dynamic field

If you think you can benefit from this product update, and would like to have these new features added to your plan, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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