Product Update: November 9, 2020

At Timely, we are constantly improving our event management solutions. In this post, you will learn about our product update posted on November 9, 2020.

1- New Facebook Integration

Early last week, we released the much requested and highly anticipated Facebook integration. 

Now you can share events from your calendar on your Facebook Page automatically and in bulk. You just need to connect your Facebook Page to your calendar and authorize Timely to post events on Facebook on your behalf. You can find this new feature on the “Social Media” tab in your calendar’s dashboard.  

The new Facebook Integration is available to Timely’s clients on Hublite, Hub and Customized plans only. If you are a pro client and would like to have this new Facebook Integration in your calendar, please contact us to upgrade your plan. We will be happy to help you.

2- More New Features

On November 3, 2020, we released two new product features:

  • New Favorite Events feature: Now your customers can mark events as favorites by clicking the heart button on the top of each event post.
  • New event status: Now you can add two more status to your events: Postponed and Sold Out.    

These two new features are available to Timely’s clients in all plans.

3- Improved Security with SQL Server TDE 

In an effort to continuously better serve our clients, our database is now running on SQL Server with transparent data encryption (TDE). The server migration happened on the night of November 7 and was concluded in less than 4 hours, causing minor impact to our clients. The newer infrastructure has more data security and encryption capabilities, faster performance and greater reliability.

Company and Product Update News

If you want to know more Timely company and product update news, please visit Timely Updates webpage. There is always something new happening at Timely, so we do our best to keep our clients on the loop!