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Discover how Timely helped NW Equine promote local equine businesses and events, and become a hub for the horse community in the northwest region of the United States.

New Equine

"We needed a central event calendar to promote events and activities, and connect the horse community in the region. Timely had everything we were looking for!"



The Northwest of the United States has one of the highest concentrations of equine businesses and horse owners in the country, including Audrey King, who started in the horse world even before she could speak the word “horse”.

With almost half a century of equestrian experience - which also includes riding and teaching - Audrey always wanted to give back and connect with the Northwest equine community. When she retired from training and giving lessons, she was looking for something new to do, and found joy in connecting horse lovers with businesses and events across the region.

With a vision of using the internet’s technology and easy access to empower and connect equine enthusiasts across the Northwest, Audrey created the NW Equine website.

NW Equine provides a directory of horse-related businesses, products, and events of the region. The website is designed and managed by “horse people” with a goal of connecting the Northwest equine community. To help promote events, and bring horse enthusiasts together, NW Equine chose Timely Event Calendar Software for Media and Event Promoters as their main tool.

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Before the NW Equine website, there weren't too many resources for northwest equine enthusiasts on the internet. Equine information was hard to find online, for everyone in the region.

In Audrey's opinion, what the region needed was a centralized place where horse enthusiasts from the Northwest region could find everything related to equines. 

A big part of the challenge of creating a centralized platform for everything horse related was to have a calendar that was easy to use and navigate, so any non-computer savvy user could make it work.

In addition, she didn't want to keep adding events manually, so having a tool that offered an easy event submission for its users was really important for her. 

“My goal was to design, build, and maintain the most comprehensive multi-service equine website to serve the recreational, competitive and educational needs of horse enthusiasts in all disciplines, skill levels, and age groups", said Audrey.

Therefore, NW Equine's main goals were:

A centralized calendar with everything horse related, so horse enthusiasts could find events;
An easy way for the horse community in the region to submit their events;
Automated event management tools to maintain costs low and increase productivity; and
A user-friendly platform for non-tech savvy people.


Highlight events with rich images and content.

Timely technology allowed NW Equine to create a very good-looking community calendar, customized according to its own brand and audience. By adding appealing images and videos to event posts, NW Equine could better showcase and promote horse related activities.

Populate the calendar with events from the community.

With Timely's event submission form, local businesses could submit their equine events directly to the NW Equine calendar. Audrey could easily customize the form fields to match her needs, and only needed to approve the individual event submitters or their events.

Auto share tool for Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

Leveraging Timely's technology, NW Equine could easily share events on Facebook, Twitter, and even via email newsletters. Events were created only once on the community calendar, and reposted in other platforms automatically. No need to hire more staff, or do double-work!


Using Timely's event management tools, NW Equine built an interactive online calendar, filled with relevant horse related events. 

The solution is user-friendly and intuitive, so any non tech savvy person can use it and get the best of it. In addition, it comes with tons of features to make the calendar and event posts as content rich as possible.

“I love being able to have as much detail and information in that calendar post, like where is the venue. I love being able to do the directions, and the feature of having the venue saved so I don’t have to reenter all the information”, commented Audrey. 

Using Timely’s Event Finder™ feature to search for events located East and West of the Cascade Mountains, as well as the integrated event submission form helped NW Equine populate their events calendar with ease.

Being able to share events on social media and email in an automated way also saved a lot of time

Moreover, the community can now discover events that otherwise they would have no way of knowing. 

"One of the things I hear from folks too is that they love finding a source that is based out of the Northwest, made by somebody that's been in the industry. So the local promotion is huge", added Audrey.

Timely helped NW Equine in several ways, including:
Website Traffic;
Brand Awareness;
Community engagement; 
Calendar management; and
Local events and businesses promotion.

How Timely Helped NW Equine During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic affected businesses and events in different ways. Equine events are typically group events, so, unfortunately, many were cancelled or postponed.

In spite of that, the horse community found a way to adapt. Most businesses took the opportunity to do more educational workshops and online meetings during these difficult times.
Since the NW Equine already had an online presence when the pandemic hit in March 2020, their online calendar attracted people searching for equine online resources. 

Certainly, the NW Equine events calendar helped share horse related knowledge, and encouraged connecting with the community during the pandemic. 
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““I did go out and look at other calendars. I came back to Timely because I felt that it would create a better look on my page, help me grow my audience faster, and save me lots of time".

- Audrey King,  owner and founder of NW Equine -

Audrey King
NW Equine

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