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Event Planning Problems Related to COVID 19 and What to Do About Them

February 6, 2021  
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COVID 19 undeniably changed the way the world operates. From a general office atmosphere, to the way we think about dining, to how we plan for events. Certainly, covid 19 event planning problems have exposed certain vulnerabilities in the event planning industry. However, it has not prevented event planners and organizers from adapting and getting the job done.

Event Planning During Covid 19 Pandemic

In nearly every industry, people had to learn to adjust to the pandemic, while still operating to the best of their ability. It has been difficult and changed the way group gatherings are planned for and held going forward.

Naturally, these problems in the event management industry have created hurdles in the planning process. Nevertheless, event planners have learned to jump or sidestep these hurdles. And they continue to push the event planning process forward. 

Thanks to event planning tools, you can also make the best of these tough times, and turn event planning problems into solutions. Check out some of the common event planning challenges related to COVID 19, and some solutions to keep your event planning process in motion during and after the pandemic.

Events Don’t Have to be Live

One thing that we have learned in the last year is that events don’t need to be live to be good. There are some spaces where having a live event can still be possible, whether because there is enough space for guests and staff to feel comfortable and responsibly distanced, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Virtual events can be great! We’ve seen everything from work meetings to concerts all done virtually. And we’ve learned that there can be big benefits to the attendees, whether or not COVID 19 is the issue. Some people have learned to love watching events from the comfort of their home rather than traveling to an event. Some workplaces are partially or entirely remote now. And they still can have great meetings if they turn event planning problems into solutions. 

Event planning software, for example, can help you put the pieces together for your event. Whether it is in person, virtual or hybrid. And with this event planning tool at your fingertips, you can still be efficient in your planning. You can keep everyone on the same page when it comes to registrations, speaking or presenting schedules, break times, you name it. You can even share documents or items ahead of time, making sure everyone is prepped and can participate easily.

Going Live But Staying Safe

Businessman attending a virtual meeting from his home because of covid 19 event planning problems

When there are event planning challenges and you want to put on an in person event, then there are things that must be considered. Attendees to your event are going to want to be safe. Regardless of whether the event planning challenge is a pandemic or a rowdy audience or unreliable weather. The attendees are going to want to know that when they go to an event they’re going to be safe. It’s a matter of making the best of the situation and creating a fun environment regardless of the circumstances. 

The right event management software will allow an event to go off without a hitch during event planning challenges, because the safeguards will already be in place for the difficult eventualities. 

Having an events calendar on your website showcasing all your events and their details can help. Indeed, attendees will know ahead of time what they can expect from the event. For instance, what they’re supposed to wear or if they have to be socially distanced. Event management software will enable the organizers to make all of this information available to the attendees before they ever get there. Everything will go smoothly if planned right.

The bottom line is that event planning tools have made it so your lines of communication can remain open and your event planning challenges can remain only that, as opposed to roadblocks. After all, you are used to event planning challenges, COVID 19 has simply provided a new set.

Plan Your Best Event Yet

COVID 19 has undoubtedly created problems in the event management industry. However, problems planning events are a far cry from shutting down events entirely. Events will continue to happen, though they will have to happen a bit differently. 

Whether it is a simple adjustment of requiring your attendees to pre-register to your events, or buying tickets through an event ticketing software as opposed to opening the box office doors, there are tools that you can customize and make work for you.
You can still pull off your best event yet. Request a meeting to learn more about Timely’s Event Management Software.

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