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Product Update: April 3, 2023

April 3, 2023  
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At Timely, we are constantly working to enhance our event software solutions and better serve our customers. Last March, we worked diligently on several improvements and new features. We introduced relevant improvements to the Custom Booking Form and Waiting List features. Moreover, we released the new Block Availability feature to give event organizers even more control over their ticket sales. In this post, you will learn all about our product update posted on April 3, 2023.

1. Booking Form: New Custom Fields Options

Timely customers were already able to easily create a customized event booking form using custom fields. Now, they can also decide where to have the questionnaire. The options are: at the ticket (order) level, at the ticket block (booking) level, or both.

This improvement is particularly useful for Timely clients who require more flexibility when creating custom booking questionnaires. For example, having certain questions directed to the ticket purchaser and different ones to the individual attendees / ticket holders.

print screen of Timely event management platform custom fields on event booking form

2. Waiting List Improvements

The Waiting List feature has also received additional attention from our Product team last month. Now, Timely customers can create a new email template to waiting list subscribers.

The email template also gives subscribers the ability to opt-out of the waiting list at any time. In this situation, they will no longer receive notifications when event tickets become available.

example of new email template that is sent to waiting list subscribers

Moreover, when people unsubscribe from your event waiting list, their status change from Waiting to Unsubscribed. Timely users with permission to manage their calendar's waiting list can manually unsubscribe or delete people from a waiting list.

We've implemented all these updates on the Waiting List feature to simplify event management processes, and improve productivity and efficiency.

3. Block Availability

Last month, we also released a new Block Availability feature, offering customers greater flexibility when managing event registrations and ticket sales. It is applicable to all Timely ticket types, including Event Registration (RSVP), Time Slot Registration (RSVP), Event Ticket, and Time Slot Ticket.

The feature allows event organizers to temporarily block specific event dates or time slots from being booked or purchased. This provides event organizers with the opportunity to better manage last minute changes, in particular when dealing with recurring events.

print screen of Timely event management platform block availability feature

If you would like to have these new features added to your plan, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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