Discover Timely's April 1, 2024 product update, featuring new features for event customization, fee options, communication controls, and more.

Product Update: March 1, 2024

March 1, 2024  
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At Timely, we're dedicated to constant work on product enhancements designed to elevate your daily user experience. This March 1, 2024 Product Update post introduces a series of enhancements focused on language support, communication options, event management, support for yearly recurrences, and more. Let's explore these updates:

1. New Language Addition: Portuguese (PT)

Expand accessibility and reach with the addition of Portuguese (PT) language support in both the Dashboard and Public View. Now, users can navigate and interact with our platform in Portuguese (PT).

print screen of Timely software showing new Portuguese (PT) language options

2. Event Description Editor Tools

Enhance the visual appeal of event descriptions with new formatting options, including the font size selection, font color customization, text formatting clearing, and background color choices. Enjoy greater flexibility in crafting engaging event descriptions!

3. Upcoming and Past Events Filtering

Effortlessly differentiate between upcoming and past events using the list view mode on the dashboard's Published Events page. A new filter has been added to simplify event management, allowing users to focus on relevant events based on their timeline.

print screen of Timely event software showing new upcoming and past events filtering tool

4. Accept a New Submitter During Event Approval

Streamline the event approval process with the ability to approve a submitter and their related submitted event directly on the same page. This enhancement eliminates the need for navigating between multiple pages, saving time and improving efficiency.

5. Search Function in the Toolbar

Navigate through extensive filters effortlessly with the addition of a search function in the toolbar filters within the public view. This feature is particularly useful when there are numerous filters available, as users can now search for their desired filter in the list easily.

6. Yearly Recurrence Option

Timely software allows you to create several different types of event recurrences, depending on your event structure. Now, our recurrence events can be scheduled yearly, offering users greater flexibility in event planning. With support for yearly recurrences, users can enjoy smoother event management and seamless integration with ICS formats.

print screen of Timely software showing yearly recurrence feature

7. Enable and Disable Options for Automated Ticketing Emails

You all know that, with a Timely account, it is possible to customize email templates for RSVPs, booking requests and tickets. Now, you can enjoy enhanced flexibility in communication with the ability to enable or disable automated emails using the pre-designed templates in the RSVP / Ticketing feature. This empowers users to tailor their communication strategy to suit their unique requirements.

8. Ticketing Refund Option After Cancellation

Experience greater control over ticket refunds with the option to refund tickets even after cancellation. This improvement streamlines the ticket management process, providing users with more efficient refund handling.

9. New Time Range Filter for Space Views

For Timely Venue Management Software clients, Timely now offers a filter setting that allows users to search for available spaces by date and time specifications while browsing through the Space Gallery view. This feature provides users with greater control and flexibility in selecting suitable spaces for their events.

print screen of Timely venue management software highlighting new time range filter function

Timely Product Update: March 1, 2024

Discover Timely's latest product update and unlock a world of possibilities! From language expansion to enhanced communication options, streamlined event management features, and support for yearly recurrences, these updates are designed to elevate your event planning experience to new heights.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to evolve our software solutions. For more information about those features and to confirm if you have access to them, please contact us.

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