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Product Update: September 1, 2023

September 1, 2023  
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Welcome to our Product Update: September 1, 2023 post. We're excited to introduce a range of new features and enhancements designed to elevate your Timely experience. This post includes improvements to the event submission form, new event visibility, streamlined email templates dashboard organization, new event limit chart, and invoices tab retirement. Let's delve into the remarkable updates we've introduced to make your experience with our software even more efficient.

1. Event Submission Form Enhancements

We've paid careful attention to refining the user experience of our Community Events features, in particular the layout of the integrated event submission form

Our team has made crucial improvements, such as addressing an issue where text descriptions were appearing within fields instead of as labels. Additionally, we've resolved a layout glitch in the event submission form, ensuring that Yes/No custom fields no longer experience line breaks that compromise the visual appeal.

These improvements certainly will contribute to a more seamless and user-friendly event submission process for all our clients.

2. Enhanced Event Visibility

With the introduction of a new event setting, you can now classify events as either Public or Private. This addition brings a versatile solution for managing event visibility.

print screen of new event visibility feature on timely software

Public events will be prominently displayed in the Public View, ensuring maximum exposure. In contrast, Private events will remain discreetly hidden from the Public View and will only appear to logged users in their Timely dashboard. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for internal events that warrant confidentiality and allows calendar administrators to maintain strict control over event visibility.

3. Streamlined Email Templates Dashboard Organization

We've restructured the organization of Community Events and Ticketing / RSVP email templates on your dashboard. Instead of listing templates alphabetically, we've rearranged them to reflect the chronological sequence in which they're sent to your submitters and attendees, respectively. 

This intuitive adjustment enhances your management of email templates, ensuring a streamlined approach to communication.

4. Simplified Filters and Media Library Editing Options

To guarantee a more focused and simplified editing experience for filters and media library items, we have implemented a minor modification to the event creation and editing process. 

Specifically, we have eliminated the ability for users to modify these items from the Add / Edit Event section. While users can still add and remove new filters and images when creating or editing events, editing previously created ones is no longer possible. Instead, users can edit filters and media library on their respective menus.

print screen of categories, tags and filters section of Timely platform

This enhancement certainly guarantees precision and control over event details across the whole calendar.

6. Event Limit Chart

We've thoughtfully included an Event Limit Chart on the dashboard homepage, providing a clear visual representation of event limits for plans that have such limitations. This addition ensures that you are always aware of your current usage within the platform.

print screen of event limit chart on Timely system

7. Invoices Tab Retirement

In our pursuit of a more streamlined experience, we've retired the Invoices tab on the Ticketing / RSVP menu. In its place, we created the Orders tab to display invoice and order information. We shared the news with you on our July 5, 2023 Product Update post

While the Invoices and Orders tabs coexisted for two months, we have deactivated the Invoices page. Now, only the new Orders screen is active. This change simplifies navigation, ensuring a more efficient experience.

Timely Product Update: September 1, 2023

We're dedicated to making Timely software more efficient and tailored to your needs. In this Product Update: September 1, 2023, we introduced several new features and improvements. From event submission form and event visibility enhancements, to streamlined email templates dashboard organization. They exemplify our commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that your experience remains as dynamic and effective as ever. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to evolve our software solutions. For more information about those features and if you have access to them, please contact us

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