7 Tips to Writing the Perfect Email Reminder for Event

November 19, 2022  
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If you think your work with attendees is done once they purchase a ticket or register for your event, think again. Even though registering shows how much they really want to come, there might be many reasons why they are unable to - or simply forgot. This sounds unreal, but it’s actually true how often people forget something as big as an event when they look forward so eagerly to attending them. Make sure your audience shows up with our 7 tips to write the perfect email reminder for event!

What is an Email Reminder?

Email reminders are electronic messages event organizers send to their audience before an event. This email usually holds information about the event, like date, time, event name, what to bring and how to prepare. It may look like a simple practice, but it helps many attendees remind about events, and encourage them to attend.

event manager ready to send a reminder email for an event on their laptop

Why Write an Email Reminder?

Although you can just look at it as a good practice, writing an email reminder for even can be very advantageous. The fact is that writing simple emails, with good visual aid and sent at the right time, will help your attendees remember your event. This way, they are more unlikely to miss out. Consequently, you, as an event organizer, can make more money and get more positive feedback about your event.

Moreover, writing an email reminder for your events will help you share all the amazing and entertaining programs you have prepared for the day. 

Usually, event organizers send email reminders repeatedly on strategic dates to assure their registrants attendance. It can be two weeks before your event, one week, one day and earlier on the day of the event. Your approach will determine the frequency and dates.

We put together some great tips and tools for you to prepare your email reminder plan. Keep reading for seven tips on how to write a reminder email for an event.

How to Create Effective Email Reminders for Your Events

To create an effective event reminder email that your audience will be glad to receive, there are some easy steps you can follow. See below our list of seven tips to write the perfect email reminders for events!

event planner thinking how to write a reminder email for an event

1. Know your audience

If you know beforehand how your audience behaves and what they expect for your event, you will know how to approach them with ease. For example, if you’re organizing a professional conference event, you know that people will address you more politely and technically, and you can do the same in your email reminder. This tip also goes to age, genre, and preferences that may change how a specific audience likes to communicate. Pay attention!

2. Create a Subject Line That Gets Attention

A subject line is one of the first things that people see when they open an email. It needs to grab attention right away. Make sure your subject line is short and catchy. A nice tip is to use words like “don’t miss out” and “save the date” in the title, to remind your audience that your event date is approaching.

3. Include Details about the Event

event organizer sending a reminder for event email to attendees

Another good idea is to use email reminders to tell people when and where the event will take place. You can also take the opportunity to provide other details about the event, such as ticket price, preparation and venue directions. 

Do not forget to include a link to the event page on your website, and ask people to share the event with others. All these practices can help you gather a wider audience and even bring new people to your event.

If you’re sending out reminders before the event starts, make sure to use the right tone. People who receive these emails will likely be busy with other things, so keep your messages short and friendly.

4. Include a Personal Touch

A personal touch goes a long way when it comes to reminding people about an upcoming event. If you're writing an email reminder for people you don’t know, it may be difficult to get intimate, but you can always write your own way, showing people you took time and effort to prepare the reminder by yourself. And this takes us to our next tip.

5. Use a Nice Call to Action

You should also make sure that your email includes a call to action (CTA). This means that you need to tell people what they should do next after reading your message. In other words, you need to give them something to click on so that they can go directly to the event page.

Here are some good examples of CTAs for your reminder for event email:

  • Don’t miss out
  • Don't miss the chance
  • Last chance
  • Don’t forget
  • Remember to RSVP
  • Remember to buy your ticket

6. Be Specific About When You'll Send Out the Reminders

People who receive reminder email for event tend to respond or show up more often than those who do not. So, make sure you're sending them out at the right times. It’s important to remember that the best date to send reminders depends on your approach, but here’s a simple schedule idea:

14 days before the event: event information and news, including ticket information and how many are still available.

7 days before the event: friendly email reminder that the event is coming, but people can still purchase last minute tickets and prepare for it.

3 days before the event: email reminder with event information, time and date highlighted. You can also provide directions to the venue, or address last minute FAQs. Send a clear message to attendees to "Don’t miss out!"

1 day before the event: inform that the event is happening the next day. Call attention to the headline using words such as “It’s coming!”

Day of the event: you can inform your attendees that the event starts in a few hours and how to prepare for traffic or other inconveniences.

7. Proofread your reminder

person sending an email reminder for event using their mobile device

It’s a great practice re-reading your texts and messages again to find out what you can improve. Moreover, it’s a common practice among content writers and experts that you can include in your daily basis. After one hour, or even one day that you wrote your reminder email for event, read it again with a clear head. It will help you incorporate nice touches and details that you completely forget when you are too focused on the task.

Using Timely Automated Event Reminder Templates

People who want to know how to write reminder email for event often want to create a template that they can send to all their attendees. Working with email templates not only is smart, but also offer a more scalable solution for any business.

Even when you want to add your personal touches and communicate directly with your audience, it’s not practical to write a reminder email for each event or attendee one by one. That’s why the best event management systems have predefined templates you can use to address your audience with ease.

Timely Event Management Software is the perfect tool to help you organize events and create memorable experiences. In addition to all the amazing event publishing, promotion and ticketing functionalities, it can also help you automate your event reminder email workflow. You can use our event email templates or create your own.

Reach out today to learn more about Timely’s event software. We’ll surely help you take your events to the next level.

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