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Timely Online School Agenda empowers educators enhancing their ability to reinforce school-home-community partnership.

Discover How Timely Online School Agenda Makes School Life Easier to Manage

Timely Online School Agenda is an innovative organizational tool that gives school administrators and teachers a better way to manage students’ academic life and classroom routine.

Centralizes information

By keeping all school information and class activities centralized in one single place online, our online school diary makes communication easier and faster, saves everyone’s time and improves school staff’s performance.

Easy to use application

Our application has a clean design and presentation, loads content fast and allows an intuitive navigation for users of all types and backgrounds. Moreover, it has multiple viewing options and filters to search events, tasks and messages. 

Anytime and Anywhere

Since all data is stored in the cloud, students can access classes and assignments anytime and anywhere. In addition, our digital student planner is fully compatible across all devices and platforms.

Customizable Features

A “white label” application that allows many design customizations including font, color and background. Schools can also add the school’s name, logo and unique content. For example, Code of Conduct and Policies and Handbook.

High Privacy and Security Standards

  Our software is fully compliant with global privacy laws (such as GDPR, COPPA, CaIOPPA and PIPEDA). Further, it is a highly secure system, including SSL/TLS protocol, encryption and additional controls.


An online school agenda that is WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant, making it accessible not only for school administrators and teachers, but also for students, parents and the community with disabilities.

comparison between paper student planner and online school agenda.

Timely Online School Agenda Replaces Printed Planners More Efficiently


Timely Online School Agenda allows schools to communicate the same types of messages that paper agendas do, while bringing more technology into the classroom routine. 

Aside from showcasing important dates, class schedules and assignments in real time, the online agenda can display supplemental material that a printed agenda cannot, such as videos and links. In addition, students can choose to be notified about upcoming classes, lessons and exams.

Parents can better support kids learning by accessing their children’s academic information online. For example, they can see school events, parent council’s meetings and even teacher’s notes.



Did you know?

1 tree is needed to produce printed planners (100 sheets each) for 100 students.

Production of 1 ton of copy paper produces greenhouse gases equivalent to 6 months of car exhaust.

In 2018, printing, writing and newsprint production totalled 110 million tons.

Paper is the largest source of municipal solid waste in many countries. In the US, it represents more than 25% of all solid waste generated, and only a portion end up being recycled. 

Schools that use Timely Online School Agenda are reducing their paper footprint and contributing to a greener future!

happy teachers hugging the planet because they use Timely Online School Agenda

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Why Timely?


Timely has been developing online calendar management solutions since 2012 and has a strong presence in global educational markets. So far, we’ve worked with more than 2.000 schools and universities worldwide.