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Timely Online School Agenda is an online student planner that empowers educators and reinforces school-home-community partnership.

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Discover How Timely Online School Agenda Replaces Printed Student Planners More Efficiently

Timely Online School Agenda is an innovative organizational tool that helps school administrators and teachers better manage student life and classroom routine.

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Improves Communication

Timely Online School Agenda allows schools to communicate the same types of messages that paper agendas do, while bringing more technology into the classroom routine.

Aside from showcasing important dates, class schedules and assignments in real time, our online agenda can display supplemental material that a printed agenda cannot.

By keeping all school information and activities centralized in one single place, our online school diary makes communication easier and faster, saves everyone’s time and improves staff’s performance.

Makes it more Engaging

Add class syllabus, images, videos and even links to illustrate activities.

Make assignments and class materials more fun and easier for students to find, view and complete. Teachers and students can choose how they want to see activities on the class calendar. Assignments and courses can be viewed on multiple viewing options, including monthly, weekly and daily.

Tags and categories make it easier for teachers to organize the class content. Filters help students search for events, tasks and messages.

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No more Missing Homework

Since all data is stored in the cloud, students can access classes and assignments anytime and anywhere. In addition, our digital student planner is fully compatible across all devices and platforms.

Parents can better support kids learning by accessing their children’s academic information online. For instance, they can see school events, parent council’s meetings and even teacher’s notes.

Students can add a class to their own calendar. They can also choose to be notified about upcoming classes, lessons and exams. No more missed class or assignment!

Easy to Use and Customize

Our application has a clean design and presentation, loads content fast and allows an intuitive navigation for users of all types and backgrounds.

Easily customize the agenda design to align to your school’s brand. Our white label application allows many design customizations including font, colour and background.

You can also add your school’s name, logo and unique content. For example, you can add your Code of Conduct, Policies, Handbook and religious content.

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Welcome to the New Era of Digital School Life!

Upgrade to a smarter online student planner and be part of the future of education.

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Did you know?

- At least 1 tree is needed to produce printed planners (100 sheets each) for 100 students.

- In 2018, printing, writing and newsprint totalled 110 million tons.

- Production of 1 ton of copy paper produces greenhouse gases equivalent to 6 months of car exhaust.

- In the United States, paper represents more than 25% of all solid waste generated, and only a portion is recycled.

Schools that use Timely Online School Agenda are reducing their paper footprint and contributing to a greener future!

Smart Online School Agenda = Many Possibilities

Manage your school-home-community communications more efficiently. No matter your size, we’ve got you covered.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Proven solution for both private and public educational institutions. Beautifully showcase events and better connect with students, faculty, staff and the general public.

How Timely Online School Agenda Can Help You Streamline Students' Organization and Learning

Over the last years and specially during the covid-19 pandemic, many people have realized how much we can get done online, especially in work environments and schools. 

Unlike printed student planners that can be lost, misplaced or otherwise discarded shortly after distribution, an online school agenda or online homework planner is always available, always up-to-date and easily shared with school administrators, teachers and parents to streamline student life and classroom routines.

An online organizer for students is also a great way to help students organize their learning, and it gives teachers and parents an easy way to check in and see how students are coping with coursework and the work that they're doing at home.

If you're looking for a way to reduce the chances of missing homework assignments and improve communication between students and educators, Timely Online School Agenda is a safe, smart and reliable school planner online that can help students and teachers do their best work.

It's also easier and less expensive than printing out all those school agendas and homework planners for students that largely go unused, never mind the cost to our environment and the waste that's commonly produced with each new school year or session.

With easy customization options and the tools that you need to help facilitate it all, Timely Online School Agenda represents a new era in digital school life.


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