Best Training Magazines for eLearning and In-Person Training

July 11, 2023  
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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, online training magazines have become a powerful tool for training providers to deliver effective and engaging educational content. In that sense, not only e-learning, but in-person training also benefits greatly from digital tools. As technology continues to reshape the training industry, it is crucial for professionals in this field to stay informed about the latest trends, strategies, and best practices. 

One of the most reliable sources of information and inspiration for elearning and in-person providers is training magazines. In this blog post, we will explore the top training magazines that cater specifically to training providers, helping them navigate the ever-changing world of online and in-person education.

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I. Top Training Magazines to Stay Relevant and Thrive in 2023

In today's digital era, e-learning has become an integral part of the education and training industry just as much as in-person training. With the rise of online learning platforms, training providers and educators are continually seeking reliable sources of information and insights to enhance their practices. 

Training magazines play a crucial role in providing valuable content, industry trends, and innovative ideas. This blog post presents a comprehensive list of the top training magazines for training providers. Whether you are an e-learning professional, instructional designer, or training organization, these magazines offer a wealth of knowledge to help you stay informed and inspired:

  1. eLearn Magazine 
  2. Learning Solutions Magazine 
  3. Training Industry Magazine 
  4. eLearning Industry
  5. Chief Learning Officer 
  6. Training Journal 
  7. eLearning Learning
  8. TrainingMag
  9. ATD Magazine
  10. TrainingZone
  11. Timely Blog

1. eLearn Magazine 

eLearn Magazine, published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), is a leading online publication focusing on e-learning and online education. It covers a wide range of topics, including instructional design, learning technologies, e-learning trends, and best practices. The magazine features articles from renowned experts in the field, offering valuable insights and practical tips for training providers. With its diverse content and global perspective, eLearn Magazine is an indispensable resource for professionals involved in e-learning.

Never mind their name, the eLearning Magazine is also a very relevant tool for in-person training providers. By utilizing the resources and knowledge shared in eLearn Magazine, in-person training providers can gain valuable insights, enhance their training methodologies, stay current with industry trends, and explore opportunities to integrate technology into their training programs.

Tip: if you have not yet attended one of their esteemed eLearning Success Summits, we highly recommend exploring the event. Also, with three days of presentations delivered by industry experts, covering the latest eLearning trends and technologies. And attracting over 6,000 attendees, it undeniably holds the distinction of being the must-attend event of the year for professionals involved in learning and development.

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2. Learning Solutions Training Magazine

Learning Solutions Magazine, produced by The eLearning Guild, is a trusted source of information for training and learning professionals. The magazine covers a broad spectrum of e-learning topics, including instructional design, e-learning development, virtual reality, mobile learning, and more. It features articles, case studies, interviews, and reviews, providing readers with practical strategies and industry trends. 

Also, by utilizing the resources and knowledge offered by Learning Solutions Magazine, in-person training providers can; enhance their instructional design, incorporate technology effectively, evaluate their training programs, invest in professional development, and connect with a broader community of training professionals. These benefits contribute to delivering more impactful and engaging training experiences.

Tip: Learning Solutions Magazine is a go-to resource for professionals seeking innovative ideas to enhance their training programs.

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3. Training Industry Magazine

Training Industry Magazine focuses on the latest trends and insights in corporate training and development. Besides it covers a wide range of topics, such as e-learning strategies, learning management systems, talent development, and leadership training. Also, the magazine features expert perspectives, industry analysis, and practical tips for training providers to improve their training initiatives. 

Furthermore, with the ​​Training Industry Magazine resources, in-person training providers can stay informed about industry trends, access best practices, enhance their training program design, leverage training technologies, evaluate vendors and programs, and invest in their own professional development. Finally, these benefits contribute to delivering high-quality, relevant, and impactful in-person training experiences.

Tip: Training Industry Magazine is an excellent resource for professionals seeking to stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in the corporate training landscape.

4. eLearning Industry

eLearning Industry is a popular online platform that offers a comprehensive collection of articles, resources, and e-learning news. Additionally, it covers a wide range of e-learning topics, including instructional design, learning management systems, e-learning tools, and emerging technologies. Also, the magazine features contributions from e-learning experts and thought leaders, providing practical insights and tips for training providers. 

eLearning Industry Magazine covers a wide range of e-learning technologies, tools, and platforms. While primarily focused on online learning, many of these technologies can be effectively integrated into in-person training programs. The magazine provides insights into learning management systems (LMS), authoring tools, virtual classrooms, mobile learning, and more. Moreover, In-person training providers can explore these technologies to enhance their training delivery, engage learners, and leverage digital resources for blended learning approaches.

Tip: eLearning Industry is a valuable resource for professionals looking to expand their knowledge and keep up with the evolving e-learning landscape. 

5. Chief Learning Officer Training Magazine

Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is a prominent magazine catering to professionals in the learning and development industry. In addition, it covers topics related to talent management, leadership development, organizational learning, and e-learning strategies. Also, the magazine offers a blend of in-depth articles, case studies, interviews, and industry reports, providing valuable insights for training providers. 

CLO magazine provides strategic insights into the field of learning and development. It covers topics such as talent development, leadership development, organizational learning, and employee engagement. In-person training providers can benefit from these insights to align their training programs with broader organizational goals and strategies. Furthermore, CLO magazine offers valuable perspectives on how training can contribute to business success and drive organizational performance.

Tip: CLO magazine is a valuable resource for professionals seeking to align their training programs with organizational goals and drive business success

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6. Training Journal

Training Journal is a UK-based magazine focusing on the learning and development industry. Furthermore, it covers a broad range of topics, including e-learning, coaching, leadership development, and performance management. Also, the magazine features expert insights, research-based articles, and practical advice to help training providers excel in their roles. 

Training Journal Magazine provides resources and insights for professional development in the training and L&D field. It covers topics such as training techniques, facilitation skills, coaching, leadership development, and learning technologies. In-person training providers can leverage these resources to enhance their own skills, expand their knowledge base, and stay up to date with industry best practices.

Tip: Training Journal is a valuable resource for professionals looking to enhance their training strategies and improve employee performance.

7. eLearning Learning Training Magazine

eLearning Learning is a collection of the leading industry thought leadership in the form of blogs, webinars, and downloadable resources, on one convenient website. They use reader data to auto-curate the articles, meaning that the most valuable resources move to the top. Additionally, you can sign up for their Daily or Weekly newsletters to receive these top-ranked articles right in your inbox, or you can sign up to be notified when new resources like webinars or ebooks are available.

Moreover, eLearning Learning Magazine covers a wide range of learning technologies and tools that can be beneficial for in-person training providers. Moreover, it provides insights into learning management systems (LMS), authoring tools, virtual collaboration platforms, mobile learning, and more. Also, in-person training providers can explore these technologies to enhance their training delivery, engage learners, and leverage digital resources to create more interactive and impactful in-person training experiences.

Tip: eLearning Learning offers a multitude of material through webinars, valuable for professionals that prefer webinars to written content.

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8. TrainingMag

TrainingMag is a publication that focuses on training and development in the corporate world. Therefore, it provides valuable insights, resources, and information for professionals in the training industry.

Additionally, Trainingmag can be a valuable resource for training providers by keeping them informed. About industry trends, sharing best practices, offering resources, facilitating networking, and providing valuable insights. In order to improve their training services and stay competitive in the market.

Tip: They also offer a "Social Learning Network" platform that is filled with different workshops, webinars and other resources for training providers.

9. ATD Magazine

ATD (Association for Talent Development) magazine is a publication that focuses on talent development, training, and learning in the workplace. Also, it is the official magazine of the Association for Talent Development. A professional membership organization dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in the training and development field. 

Also, ATD magazine provides up-to-date insights into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the talent development and training industry. Moreover, for training providers, staying informed about industry developments is crucial to offer relevant and effective training solutions to their clients.

Tip: the magazine often features articles on best practices in talent development and learning. It may also include real-world case studies from successful organizations and training providers, offering valuable examples of effective training strategies and programs.

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10. TrainingZone Training Magazine

TrainingZone, a leading publication for workplace learning and development professionals, primarily caters to the UK audience. In addition to informative editorial articles, it offers research, downloadable premium reports, and both live and digital events. Become a member for free and unlock a treasure trove of podcasts, webinars, and the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals through engaging discussion forums.

Additionally, TrainingZone Magazine provides insights into training best practices across various industries and sectors. In-person training providers can learn from these insights and apply proven methodologies to improve their training programs. The magazine covers topics such as training needs analysis, program design, delivery techniques, and evaluation methods. In-person training providers can gain valuable guidance on how to design and deliver effective training sessions that maximize learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Tip: TrainingZone provides a platform for networking and connecting with professionals in the training and learning industry. Also, training providers can engage with the magazine's community, participate in discussions, and connect with peers and experts. Finally, this fosters networking opportunities, collaboration possibilities, and a platform for sharing insights and experiences with like-minded professionals.

11. Timely Blog

Lastly, we cannot conclude this list without acknowledging the Timely Blog! Although not classified as a magazine, it remains a valuable news outlet for training providers. Read our blog to learn more about training management technology, learning and development trends and best practices. 

Tip: An essential read for event professionals across the board! We cover everything from the latest learning and development industry trends, best online training platforms for business growth. To studies on the benefits of training for employees and clever ways to use employee training programs. Check it out!

II. Unveiling the Hidden Potential of Training Magazines  

As e-learning continues to transform the education and training landscape, staying updated with the latest trends and best practices is essential for training providers. The training magazine options listed in this blog post offer a wealth of information, insights, and practical tips for professionals in the field. 

Whether you are an instructional designer, a training organization, or an e-learning enthusiast, these magazines provide a valuable platform to expand your knowledge, discover innovative ideas, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of e-learning. Make sure to explore these magazines regularly to gain inspiration, keep abreast of industry trends, and leverage the power of e-learning to deliver effective and engaging training programs.

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