Corporate Event Planning During Covid-19? 9 Social Distancing Strategies

November 18, 2021  
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As every email you’ve received over the past two years has said, it truly has been an unprecedented time. As we all recalibrate toward weddings and group dinners, ball games, and corporate events, it may be tempting to shirk social distancing responsibilities, and instead try to focus on the adjacent fun of planning an event for the first time in some time. 

Unfortunately, now more than ever before, it’s vital that you continue to take social distancing into account as you plan your next event. This is nowhere more true than it is for corporate event planning. 

With your organization's reputation on the line, you want to ensure that your corporate event management strategy not only allows for fun, but also for safety. In this blog, we share nine social distancing considerations all corporate event planning teams should take as they plan upcoming events.


We all know by now that social distancing means six feet of separation. Take this measurement into precise account as you plan seating for any event, whether it be a plated dinner or a Q&A with an industry leader. 

Food Service 

In the past, maybe your corporate event planning team was all in on a buffet-style dinner. However, given the risk of contamination, you’re going to want to revisit that strategy. Consider enacting plated, seated dinners this year, enabling networking while also keeping your guests safe. 

Bathroom Etiquette

If your guest list is large, you’re going to have high-traffic in the bathrooms. To ensure that your guests can enjoy peace of mind regarding restroom cleanliness, consider adding restroom attendants to your corporate event planning budget to ensure cleanliness between guests. 

Hand Sanitizer 

What’s better than a floral arrangement in 2021? A large quantity of hand sanitizer. Be sure to place sanitizing stations throughout your event space. It will help ensure that there’s always an opportunity for guests to sanitize their hands. 

Face Masks 

Whether your location currently has a mask mandate in place or not, be sure to offer your guests mask access. Not everyone is on the same page regarding covid-19 and the pandemic. Some guests may need masks or feel uncomfortable in a larger-crowd setting. 

Hybrid Events 

If your corporate event planning team isn’t ready to throw a full in-person event, no worries. Use software like Timely to help host incredible hybrid events. Your attendees will be wondering how they ever lived before these events took off. 

Virtual Events 

If your local mandates still prohibit large insider gatherings, consider going virtual. After a year plus of these events, they've become much more immersive and multifunctional, supporting networking, light-level messaging, and streamlined presentations. 


If you're planning a corporate event during temperate weather, consider taking it outside. A company picnic or pool party can alleviate some of the stress of two challenging years. Not to mention allowing attendees to gather in a less-structured setting.


Regardless of the event you’re hosting, you want to ensure your attendees know what to expect. Be sure to message around the need for masks, or the lack thereof, if your event is outside. 

Regardless of the corporate event you are planning, taking these nine strategies into consideration can make your corporate event planning a little less stressful this year. Not to mention help keep both your team and your guests safe and secure. 

If you’re looking for other strategies to make your corporate event management strategy even less stressful, check out how Timely’s unique event management software can manage all of the details, including event creation, promotion, registration and management, so you can focus on what really matters: Your attendees. 

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