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How to Organize a Training Workshop to Engage Your Employees

October 21, 2021  
How to Organize a Training Workshop to Engage Your Employees

Putting on a training event for your employees doesn’t have to be such an arduous task. Certainly, sufficient preparation and a clear purpose are instrumental in how to organize a training workshop that will make a significant impact on your company.

Investing in a sophisticated scheduling tool that offers various helpful features will benefit your organization a lot. Indeed, in this highly digitalized time, it pays to embrace innovative technology, in particular, during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Planning a Training Event

Planning a Training Event

Set enough time to organize your training workshop. You should be able to figure out what the content is and create it as early as possible. If you invite guest speakers, inform them about their audience and the training’s purpose clearly.

Identifying how, when, and where to hold the event is also crucial. Reserve a conference room ahead of time based on the target headcount to ensure you have a venue. This step is particularly relevant if you’re going to do in-person training. 

Preparing for materials like worksheets and activities is just as important. To amplify the interaction between participants, gamify the workshop. You can do it whether the training is in-person or virtual. Be sure to include the incentives or rewards in promoting the event.

How to Conduct a Successful Workshop With Timely

How to Conduct a Successful Workshop With Timely

After creating an attractive training calendar for your website, generate a buzz of excitement leading to your workshops. That can be done when you use Timely Online Training Software, which allows you to auto-share events on Twitter and Facebook, promote events through newsletters, sync to other calendars, and more.

Timely supports paid and free events, multiple event calendars, users, venues, and events. It’s highly customizable too, so you can save time and energy when you manage training events using the system. 

Features like the RSVP and ticket templates can be customized. Registration, which is usually a headache, can be made easy using the event booking tools. For instance, Timely provides detailed reports of those who reply to your events.

If you have reading materials that can prepare the participants for the workshop, add the documents to your post. Morevoer, inserting tables showing all the topics and the training’s timeline will help set the expectations of the audience.

Should you want to include teasers or explainer videos to introduce what the workshop is all about, add YouTube videos to the event page. These videos can even serve as a cool memento of your training. Also, you can add links to your preferred webinar platforms.

Timely Case Study: Avon Company Canada

As one of the most admired beauty companies in the world, Avon has thousands of independent sales reps across Canada. Since 2018, Avon has been using Timely event management software to promote sales and training events, and run successful training workshops. 

Before moving to Timely, Avon relied on email newsletter to promote events. This made it harder to move quickly and spread the word as they would like. 

But with the implementation of Timely’s tools, Avon Training Calendar became the place where sales trainers and independent sales representatives can connect. Currently, the calendar offers around 10 workshops and training events a day, that is to say 3,500 events per year. This is an increase of 800% over the previous year!

“Timely has revolutionized events and training at Avon!”, says Cheryl Makaro, National Field Training Manager at The Avon Company Canada.

Read more about this case here.

Timely: Your Event Management Partner

Timely: Your Event Management Partner

Putting in effort into organizing your training workshop won’t go unnoticed and unappreciated. If planned and executed well, the workshop will grab the attention of participants from start to call to action. Consequently, it will enable them to commit to what needs to be done in the workplace and achieve the goals of the event.   

In addition, it doesn’t hurt that Timely looks great. You can make appealing visuals using the software. Certaintly, this will be the first hook that can draw the audience’s attention to your event. Capitalize on it and inspire your audience to always aim for excellence in the process.

If you want to strengthen your organization’s training program and improve employees’ participation, talk to us. We’ll show you Timely’s workflows and best practices. If you have specific requirements to run your training workshops and events, we can discuss the features that will meet them best.

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