How to Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website

October 12, 2023  
Reading time: 9 minutes

Are you interested in tapping into the growing eLearning industry and want to sell online courses from your own website? Whether you're a content creator, business owner, or training provider, this post is tailored just for you. 

In today's digital age, the demand for online courses is on the rise, presenting a golden opportunity to share your knowledge and monetize your expertise directly from your own website. In this guide, we will delve into the benefits of selling courses from your website compared to third-party platforms and how to choose the right software for seamless course promotion, scheduling, and online payments.

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I. The Benefits to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website

In the ever-growing online learning landscape, there is a clear upward trajectory in the demand for virtual courses. This trend not only opens doors for newcomers but also brings heightened competition and raises the standards for course content quality and ease of delivery. 

Businesses from various industries are migrating to online training solutions due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Individuals are embracing online education for its convenience and flexibility and leveraging their own websites as the best place to sell online courses.

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Now, let's explore the advantages to sell online courses from your own website in comparison to using third-party platforms and course marketplaces:

Increased Autonomy and Control

When you sell online courses from your own website, you have complete control over your brand, content, and pricing. You can tailor your online course catalog's design, messaging, and user experience to reinforce your brand identity and trustworthiness.

Higher Profit Margins

Selling training programs directly from your website means you won't have to pay high third-party platform fees, allowing you to keep a larger portion of your earnings.

Flexible Pricing Strategies 

You can choose from various pricing models, such as one-time purchases, subscription-based access, or tiered packages, to cater to a wide range of customers. Timely training scheduling software, for example, offers options like Exclusive Access, General Enrollment, Tiered Pricing, and Early Enrollment to meet your pricing needs.

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Direct Customer Relationships

Selling on your website enables direct communication with your customers. You can build stronger relationships, gather feedback, and address inquiries or concerns promptly. In addition, all leads generated are your leads. You don’t need to share them with the course marketplace.

Enhanced Brand Consistency

Your website serves as an extension of your brand, allowing you to maintain consistency in design, messaging, and user experience.

Improved SEO

Hosting courses on your website can boost your website traffic. As your course content ranks in search results, it can drive organic traffic to your site, increasing visibility and potential sales. Moreover, as people find interesting content on your website, and not on third-party platforms, they come back for more. This in turn increases direct traffic and returning visitors. 

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II. How Choose a Platform to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website 

Choosing the right platform to help you sell courses directly from your own website is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your online course business's success. Here are essential steps to guide you in making an informed choice.

1. When Choosing a Software to Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website

When choosing the best platform to sell courses directly from your own website, it's crucial to consider your global needs. Key requirements to consider include:

  • Clarify Your Needs: Consider the nature of your courses, your target audience, your budget, and your technical proficiency. 
  • Evaluate Cost: Assess the cost associated with each platform, including initial setup expenses, transaction fees, and ongoing subscription costs. 
  • Assess the Features: Scrutinize the features provided by each platform. Look for essential capabilities such as course creation tools, marketing and analytics features, payment processing options, and customization possibilities. 
  • Evaluate Scalability: Consider your long-term objectives. Will the platform accommodate your growth over time? 
  • Consider User Experience: An intuitive and user-friendly platform simplifies course creation, management, and sales while providing a positive learning experience for your students.
  • Check Support and Resources: Check whether the platform offers comprehensive customer support, user documentation, and live training. 
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2. How Can Timely Software Enhance Your Online Course Business

Comprehensive solutions like Timely training management software offer a robust set of features that streamline the entire process of selling online courses from your own website. Key features include online course publishing and promotion, as well as course scheduling, online payments, and registration management. Therefore, Timely can facilitate your online course marketing and sales efforts as follows:

Comprehensive Course Publishing

Timely simplifies the promotion of your online courses. It provides tools to effortlessly create and manage a course catalog. Beautifully showcasing your offerings so you can effectively sell online courses from your own website. You can customize the catalog to align with your branding and style. This ensures that potential students have easy access to detailed course information, making it more likely for them to enrol. 

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Automated Course Promotion

Timely's training calendar automates course promotion with features like scheduled social media posts, automated newsletters and calendar subscriptions for students to boost course visibility. Plus, social share buttons make it easy for your audience to spread the word about your courses.

Seamless Training Scheduling

With Timely, managing your course schedule becomes a breeze. You can create, schedule, and manage a comprehensive calendar of training courses directly on your website. This not only keeps your course offerings organized but also allows your students to view and register for courses conveniently.

Integrated Online Payments

Timely facilitates secure and hassle-free online payments for your courses. It integrates seamlessly with various payment gateways, enabling you to accept payments from your students with ease. The flexibility to offer different pricing options, such as exclusive access, general enrolment, tiered pricing, and early enrolment, ensures that you can cater to a diverse range of students and pricing preferences.

In sum, incorporating Timely training management software into your course selling strategy provides you with a user-friendly, all-in-one solution. It empowers you to efficiently promote your courses, manage scheduling, and process payments seamlessly. Ultimately it enhances the overall experience for both you and your students. This comprehensive platform simplifies the technical aspects of course management, allowing you to focus more on delivering valuable content and growing your online course business with the convenience to sell online courses from your own website.

A man holding a tablet setting up a Timely course calendar to sell online courses From his own website.

III. Setting Up A Timely Course Calendar To Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website

Unlock the potential of your online courses with Timely training management software. Seamlessly integrate it into your website, create captivating landing pages, streamline payments, and supercharge course promotion. Furthermore, here's a user-friendly, step-by-step guide to make it happen:

Step 1. Set Up Your Timely Account

  • Start by signing up for a Timely training management software account if you haven't already. Also, you may need to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.

Step 2. Customize Your Catalog And Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website

  • Customize the appearance and layout of your course catalog to align with your specific needs and branding. Accordingly, you can often adjust settings, colors, fonts, and layout elements all within the design settings.
  • Configure payment gateways within your Timely account to accept payments for course enrolments. Timely supports popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Square and others to sell online courses from your own website.

Step 3. Create Your Online Course Catalog

  • In your Timely dashboard, navigate to the course catalog section.
  • Begin adding your courses to the catalog. Also, provide detailed descriptions, course outlines, instructor information, and pricing details. Ensure that training programs have all the information required to sell online courses from your own website.
  • As you publish your courses online, Timely software easily generates dedicated landing pages for each course according to your preset design configurations. 
  • Finally, organize your courses into categories or tags to make navigation easier for your students.
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Step 4. Integrate Timely into Your Website 

  • Utilize Timely's embedding or integration options to seamlessly add your course catalog and registration tool to your website. You can also add carousel and slider widgets throughout your website to showcase featured courses, upcoming training sessions or organize it in any form you would like. The possibilities are endless.

Step 5. Allow your Audience to Interact with your Course Content

  • Enhance audience engagement with Timely's training calendar by offering search functions for easy course discovery by date, keyword, and filters. 
  • Enable students to bookmark their favorite courses, subscribe to training programs on their personal calendars, and easily print the calendar and course information for future reference. 
  • Additionally, incorporate social share buttons to encourage students to share courses within their network, expanding your course's visibility and reach. 

Step 6. Promote Courses on Social Media

  • Develop a social media marketing strategy to promote your courses. Create engaging content, including posts, images, and videos, to highlight the value of your courses.
  • With Timely you can automatically share links to your course landing pages on various social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and any other relevant channels.

Step 7. Email Newsletter Campaigns

  • Build and nurture an email list of potential and current students.
  • Create email newsletters that include course updates, promotions, and valuable content related to your courses.
  • Use Timely's MailChimp integration to automate and send newsletters to your subscribers.
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Step 8. Sell Online Courses from your Own Website

  • Once people come to your website looking  for your training programs, offer them an integrated online course registration and purchase experience. In other words, they will complete the whole journey without leaving your site.
  • Manage online registrations, booking requests and cancellations from a single platform and without intermediaries.
  • Send automated or manual notifications and emails to participants, all customizable according to your brand and tone of voice. 

Step 9. Monitor and Optimize

  • Regularly track the performance of your courses, landing pages, and marketing and sales efforts using Timely's analytics tools and other tracking methods.
  • Gather feedback from your students and make improvements to your courses and marketing strategies accordingly.

Step 10. Expand and Scale

  • As your online course business grows, consider expanding your course catalog. That is, diversify your offerings, and explore additional marketing channels to sell online courses from your own website.
  • Continuously analyze and adapt to changes in your market and industry to maintain your competitive edge.

By following these steps, you can effectively create and promote your online courses using Timely training management software while integrating it seamlessly into your website. Since, this comprehensive approach ensures that your courses are easily accessible to your target audience, enabling you to grow your online education business successfully. 

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IV. FAQs on Selling Online Courses From Your Own Website 

1. Why should you sell online courses from your own website?

When creating the business plan for your training business, an important factor to consider is where to sell online courses. There are numerous options, but the best place to sell online courses is undoubtedly your own website. Selling training courses from your own website provides several benefits compared to utilizing third-party platforms or course marketplaces.

Firstly, you gain autonomy and control over your brand, content, and pricing. Secondly, you can maintain direct customer relationships, keep a larger share of your earnings, and have the flexibility to implement various pricing strategies. Lastly, hosting courses on your website can boost your website traffic, driving organic and direct online searches and increasing visibility.

2. How can you choose the best platform for selling courses on your website?

Choosing the right platform involves clarifying your specific needs. That is, evaluating costs, assessing features, considering scalability, ensuring a positive user experience, and checking for robust support and resources. 

Timely training management software is an excellent choice, offering comprehensive solutions for course promotion, scheduling, and online payments, seamlessly integrated into your website.

3. How can Timely help you promote online courses?

Timely training management software simplifies course promotion by providing tools to create and manage a course catalog tailored to your branding. Since this catalog showcases your courses effectively, making it easy for potential students to enrol and for you to sell online courses from your own website. 

You can also utilize Timely's social media integration to automatically share course updates on various platforms, or Timely’s MailChimp integration to create and send automated newsletters.

4. Is selling online courses profitable?

The profitability of selling online courses from your own website can vary significantly depending on several factors. Therefore, success in this venture often hinges on factors like the niche you choose, the quality of your courses, your marketing strategies, and your ability to engage and attract your target audience. 

While there's no guaranteed profitability, many entrepreneurs and educators have found it to be a lucrative endeavour when executed effectively. Further, building a strong online presence, offering valuable content, and consistently marketing your courses can increase your chances of profitability. 

However, it's essential to approach it as a business, invest in quality content and marketing and sales efforts, and be prepared for ongoing efforts to build and maintain a profitable online course business.

5. How can Timely help you sell online courses from your own website?

Timely offers a seamless solution for selling online courses directly from your website. Also, with our online training platform, you can effortlessly create, schedule, and oversee a comprehensive training course calendar. All while preserving your brand's identity by incorporating your logo and customized color schemes. 
In addition, with Timely training scheduling software, you can unleash the complete potential of your training programs. Lastly, optimize your training initiatives by seamlessly managing online registrations, streamlining secure payments, and ensuring the success of your courses.

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