Signs That It is Time to Upgrade to an Event Management Platform

February 7, 2022  
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Many professionals in the event industry start managing events using free tools that are available to them, such as spreadsheets or free apps. However, at a certain point, those resources are no longer helpful, and they wonder if it is time to upgrade to an event management platform. Maybe you have similar questions too?

#1. Your Events Have Grown Big Enough to Require a Real Event Management Platform

Maybe you’ve been managing events on an ad hoc basis now, and things are going well for you. The problem is, they’re going so well that you’re outgrowing your old solutions. The way that you used to be able to throw an event together now needs a lot more manpower and a lot more time.

More than that, your organization is getting bigger and more well-known. You’ve got a public image to maintain. You can’t continue to use five different apps that don’t integrate with each other to try to manage your entire event.

Definitely, it’s time for you to upgrade to a real event management platform!

#2. You Want To Showcase Events on Your Own Site, Not a Third-Party Site

We know that when you’re just starting out apps like Eventbrite and Meetup seem like just the thing to organize your event. But you’ve moved on from that. You don’t want to tell people who are on your website to leave your website to go use someone else’s website or app. You want them to stay on your site, to keep their eyeballs on you and your brand. If you’ve been managing events and any of that rings a bell, then it’s probably time for you to consider an event management platform.

With Timely Event Calendar Software you can be your own Eventbrite by listing your events on on your own website.

But let’s not stop there.

#3. You Want to Have Your Event Listed In a Way That Matches Your Brand

woman holding a notebook with words related to the word brand

You have spent a long time developing your brand. And we’re not just talking about your color scheme and your logo. We’re talking about all of the things that make you unique. Remember: a brand is the sum total of all interactions that the customer has with you. That includes your website, but it also includes any third party websites that you have to redirect your customers to in order to do their ordering, registration and ticketing. When they leave your site - a site they trust because of all the work you’ve done in building that trust - to go to a site that they’ve never heard of before and are then asked to enter their credit card number? That’s when you start to lose people.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have an event management platform with your own custom domain with the look and feel of your own? When they’re asked to enter their card number, they know they’re doing it with ease because they know that you stand for integrity. You’ve built that up with your customers through your branding. Don’t give that away!

#4. You Want Your Events Calendar to Populate Automatically

Listen, when we have to do things by hand, it decreases productivity, it takes precious time, and time is money. The more that you have to take information from the old apps you’ve been using and manually update it to your events calendar is simply time wasted. Get rid of the hassle, save time and money. Just have an event management platform auto-populate the calendar for you without a second thought.

#5. You Want to Promote Events with Ease

hand holding a megaphone to exemplify how to promote events with ease with Timely event management platform

Yes, you can promote events the hard way. It’s the way that all businesses start. It’s the way that communities run things when they’re throwing together a committee of untrained volunteers. You can activate the Boy Scouts to spread flyers, pay for printed signage, or try to make some buzz on your social media. 

Take the burden off your shoulders. Save time, energy, and even money. Get a proven technology that will promote your event for you. Use the event management platform to build a newsletter list. (Did you know that email is still the #1 most reliable tool online for generating sales?) Increase your customer loyalty and automate your social media, be it Twitter, Facebook and others.

#6. You Want to Collect Event Registrations (For Both Paid and Free Events)

Yes, there are ticketing apps you can use. However, we’ve already pointed out that the lack of central integration isn’t doing you any favours. You want to be able to have people book their registrations right on your website, a place they trust. And you want to offer free registrations, too--something that is often impossible with those other apps.

Surely, you will need an advanced event management platform. Fortunately, with Timely Event Booking Software you can offer both free and paid event registrations directly from your website.

#7. You Want to Monetize Your Events

You can earn money from event registrations, that isn’t from ticket sales. How? Through monetizing the site.

Firstly, you can partner with sponsors that will generate revenue for you without you having to pay a dime. Secondly, you can monetize with advertisements like Google Adsense. Thirdly, you can use landing pages for special services offered by your business. And those email lists and newsletters? You can monetize them just as easily. 

If you’re going to have an events calendar that people are frequently coming to check in on, wouldn’t it be nice to get some residual income from that? An event management platform can help you with that!

#8. You Want To Centralize Your Event Management

No need for multiple calendars on multiple websites. Make them all linked up together as if they were a network. In addition, you can have as many calendar administrators as you want to manage your event calendar system. You can set up a system for event submitters. And you can do it all with one event management platform: Timely.

Check all our product features, or request a meeting with our team today!

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