4 Easy Tools for Museum Event Management

March 2, 2022  
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Museum event management is hard. Indeed, planning an event at a museum is a very different kind of task than planning an event such as a concert, a dinner, or a festival.

Museums, with few exceptions, require things to be tightly managed. There are usually more security concerns at a museum than at, say, a wedding. And the type of event that you are planning is usually for a more sophisticated attendee than at a college freshman orientation or a parade. Putting on an event at a museum requires that the event must be precise and free from error. There is little room for mistakes. Even when we’re talking about a children’s museum, children are often traveling with schools and have to keep to strict time schedules and be wrangled tightly so that no one wanders off. 

But there are museum event management programs that will help you get through these difficulties and make the entire process go much smoother. We’ve gathered four museum event planning softwares that can help your event run perfectly.

#1. Trello

Trello is a free project planning software. It uses a very user-friendly interface to create to-do lists for one person or for an entire organization. Imagine starting the planning of an event and brainstorming, writing everything that needs to get done on a sticky note, and then assigning each sticky note to a person on the event planning committee. That’s what Trello is, but it’s all online.

Users will easily be able to track the projects assigned to them, to move them from one stage of completion to the next, and to see how everyone else on the team is doing with their tasks. Project managers can oversee the entire operation and watch as the event comes together.

#2. Asana

Asana is a project management software that is free to use (for small events) and lets you break down projects into sublists and even deeper into sub-sublists. There are dashboards which let you see how much of each part of the project is complete. Moreover, you can constantly be arranging and rearranging the museum events to make sure that when one thing is done the next thing can begin. 

Asana breaks down to the person level, showing each museum staff member what their role will be and what tasks they need to complete when. 

#3. ClickUp

ClickUp is a museum event planning tool that is for the visual learners. It lets you create projects, much like Asana and Trello do, but then it offers a myriad of different views through which you can analyze the tasks as your museum event is coming up. There are lists, Kanban views, even Gantt charts are available. Though they are a premium feature for the otherwise free software. 

The software offers many views, with a Chat feature that lets museum team members talk about the individual tasks as they do each one. It also has a Doc feature, which is essentially a wiki that can be created around any specific aspect of the project. 

The only downside is that the learning curve with ClickUp is a little steep. However, once you get the hang of it, it can help your museum event planning quite a bit.

#4. Timely

Timely is the perfect event management software for museum and art galleries. It allows museums and galleries to create a beautiful online events calendar on their own website. Also it automates several tasks making it easier to promote events online. For example, posting events on social media and send upcoming events newsletters in an automated way. 

In addition, Timely museum event management software allows you to collect RSVPs and sell tickets for events. These can be pre-reserved or purchased at the door. And it’s all maintained in the same accounting system. 

Moreover, everything can be customized to look just like your museum’s brand and tone of voice. From your logo, branded colors and fonts, to events’ tickets and email notifications.  

Having all this event technology at your disposal, you will for sure impress your patrons and donors. It will also make it easier for them to attend your events. For museum event planning software, Timely is a must-have. 

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