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5 Corporate Event Themes That Will Inspire and Entertain

5 Corporate Event Themes That Will Inspire and Entertain

Are you tired of the same-old, same-old boring corporate events that feel more like an obligation than a celebration? If you answered yes to this question, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we share creative social corporate event themes that will have the entire company RSVP-ing yes to your invitation. Read on to learn five corporate event themes you’ll want to add to your inspiration list.

1. Classic Summer Barbecue

After spending a long winter trudging from car to office in snow boots and parkas, it’s time to celebrate the promise of warmer weather and summer fun.

When you host a summer barbecue, your employees will certainly recall pleasant past experiences. Moreover, they will do that while gathering to enjoy some truly delicious eats.

Fairly low-budget, this event doesn’t require a fancy venue. You can host at a park, a pool, or even on the grounds of your business. Surely, in this low-key, approachable atmosphere, employees will be more inclined to network and to indulge in southern-style comfort food.

Pro tip: Don’t forget the checkered tablecloths

Classic Summer Barbecue

2. Game Day

It does not matter if it is NFL, MBL, or NBA. A big game day is a great excuse to incorporate creative corporate event themes into your event calendar.

By capitalizing on the building excitement around the upcoming event, you can bring that same fervor to your corporate gathering.

In addition, by encouraging employees to show support for their favorite teams, you encourage a sense of community. And this feeling extends beyond cubicle walls, whether they’re playing in the big game or not!

Pro-tip: What’s a game day gathering without beer?

3. Murder Mystery Party

If you’re looking for unique corporate event themes, we’ve got the perfect suggestion for you: Murdery mystery party. 

It’s no secret that true crime podcasts, documentaries, and shows have piqued the nation’s interest.

By histing a murder mystery party, you nod to this phenomenon while bringing a whole lot of fun to what could otherwise be a less than stellar corporate dinner.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget your Clue-inspired accessories

4. Friday Brunch

You don’t have to go off-campus to have a good time. For example, you can host a catered brunch complete with mimosas to show your employees just how much you appreciate their hard work.

When you host a catered brunch, you don’t have to fret about attendance rates; everyone will show up to score a complimentary catered meal.

What’s even better?

Employees appreciate a break from the schedules of their work day.

Pro-tip: Go big on decorations to transform the area into a brunch oasis

Friday Brunch

5. Escape Room

If you’re looking for social corporate event themes that can be thrown together last minute, the escape room is your best friend.

The venue hosting the event will do all the work. This allows you to successfully throw an event without too much planning. The compliments you’ll receive will be inescapable.

Pro-tip: Mix up office teams for more networking opportunities.

Choosing the Right Corporate Event Theme

When choosing a party theme for company get-together, make sure the theme is relevant, fun, and aligned with your company's culture.

Regardless of which creative social corporate event themes you choose, employees will love the chance to celebrate in unconventional ways. By throwing themed gatherings that encourage interactive activities or simply exceed expectations, you’ll encourage networking and build loyalty.

You can definitely add all your internal social events to your Timely corporate training and development portal, if they are already used to using this solution. Alternatively, you can create a separate workplace social events calendar usingTimely’s event calendar, event registration and ticketing platform.

Check below Timely's internal social events calendar, as an example.

Timely Calendar

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