10 Strategies to Make Money from Events and Boost Revenue

June 22, 2023  
Reading time: 9 minutes

Events are an essential aspect of human interaction. Whether it's a music festival, a conference, or a webinar, events are a great way to bring people together for a shared experience. While the main objective of any event is to provide an enjoyable time for the attendees, it's also an opportunity to monetize. In fact, making money from events has become a significant source of revenue for many organizations. In this post, we'll explore 10 proven strategies to help you make money from events and boost your revenue. So, whether you're a seasoned event planner or just getting started, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to learn!

I. Take Control Over your Events with a Website Event Calendar

At Timely, we believe in the power of technology to provide endless opportunities for event businesses to thrive. Whether you're an event planner, a local business owner, or any other entrepreneur aiming to profit from events, we are dedicated to supporting your success! 

With Timely software, your online events calendar becomes a vibrant and central event portal that enables your audience to easily explore and engage with the exciting happenings in their local area or events related to their topic of interest. Our platform not only helps you create a positive impact on your guests, but also provides you with the tools and resources to unlock your revenue potential.

In comparison to other event management platforms, Timely offers unique advantages. You have the freedom to customize your event listings, brand them with your unique style, and exercise full control over your ticketing and pricing strategies. This level of flexibility allows you to make money from events, grow revenue, and ensure the success of your event business.

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II. 10 Ways to Make Money From Events

Monetizing events is not an easy task. That is why we’ve created this handy guide that showcases 10 great ways to create more revenue for your event business. By the end of this post, you'll have a comprehensive toolkit of strategies to monetize your events, allowing you to create sustainable and financially rewarding experiences. 

1. Monetize by Hosting Paid Events

By hosting paid events, you not only create a sense of value and exclusivity but also build a sustainable income stream. Whether you're organizing a conference, workshop, concert, or any other type of event, selling tickets allows you to cover expenses, invest in event improvements, and potentially earn a profit. This financial stability empowers you to deliver exceptional experiences and continue organizing future events.

An online ticket system further enhances the ticketing process by eliminating manual handling and simplifying registration for guests. With just a few clicks, potential participants can secure their spots, choose preferred seating or ticket tiers, and make secure online payments. This seamless experience not only increases guest satisfaction but also reduces administrative tasks, freeing up your time to focus on event planning and execution.

Additionally, an event ticket system provides valuable insights and analytics that can inform your marketing and decision-making strategies. You can track ticket sales in real-time, identify trends, and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. This data-driven approach enables you to optimize pricing, adjust promotional efforts, and make informed adjustments to maximize attendance and revenue.

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2. Offer Multiple Ticketing Options

In addition to selling tickets, you can create extra revenue by offering diverse ticket options, such as different levels of admission and VIP tickets. 

By providing a range of choices, event organizers can cater to the varying preferences and budgets of attendees, ultimately increasing their revenue streams. For instance, basic admission tickets grant access to the event's general areas, while higher-tier tickets might offer exclusive perks such as preferred seating, early entry, or access to VIP lounges. 

With Timely's ticketing software you have the flexibility to create different ticket types, including general admission and VIP tickets, as well as time-sensitive, early bird, and tiered tickets. By offering added benefits, event planners can not only enhance the overall event experience, but also create an opportunity to charge premium prices, boosting event revenue.

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3. Make Money from Events by Selling Add-On Items

Event planners have the opportunity to generate additional revenue from events by offering add-on items together with event tickets. These additional options provide event planners with an avenue to increase their revenue streams while improving the overall guest experience. 

For example, by offering parking passes, organizers can provide the convenience of reserved parking spaces for attendees, particularly in high-demand or limited parking areas. Charging a fee for parking passes not only creates extra revenue but also helps streamline the parking process and improve guest satisfaction. 

Furthermore, guests often enjoy commemorating their experience by purchasing event-related merchandise, such as shirts, posters, or souvenirs. Offering exclusive or limited-edition merchandise items can create a sense of urgency and drive higher demand. Moreover offering food and beverage concessions can be a great way to monetize and create an even better guest experience.

In summary, by offering add-on items like parking passes and merchandise, events can increase their revenue while simultaneously enhancing the overall event experience for guests. 

4. Set up Recurring Purchases

Another way to make money from events is by allowing guests to buy tickets not just for a single event but for a series of recurring events. By offering this option, event organizers can attract loyal attendees who are interested in attending multiple instances of the same event. 

Additionally, event organizers can offer special perks for those who opt for the booking recurrences option, motivating guests to commit to multiple events and generate more revenue for the event. Ultimately, this feature also promotes customer loyalty and engagement, as guests are more likely to become regular patrons and advocates for the event. 

Timely's booking recurrences feature provides convenience and value for the guests, as they can secure their spots in advance and ensure they don't miss out on any of the upcoming events. 

In conclusion, by offering a booking recurrences feature for tickets, event organizers can increase their revenue by attracting loyal guests and providing them with added convenience, value, and incentives to attend multiple events.

5. Provide Refund Alternatives

While offering refunds is a standard practice, providing alternatives allows event organizers to retain revenue that would have otherwise been refunded. 

Instead of a full refund, organizers can offer alternatives such as event credits, vouchers, or ticket exchanges for future events. This approach allows guests to maintain a connection with the event and provides an incentive for them to attend future occasions. Furthermore, by offering these alternatives, organizers can mitigate the financial impact of refunds while fostering attendee loyalty and encouraging repeat participation. 

Organizers can also use these alternatives to upsell or cross-sell additional products or services, such as merchandise, VIP upgrades, or exclusive experiences, thereby generating extra revenue. By finding a balance between attendee satisfaction and revenue retention, events can navigate challenging situations while still maximizing their financial outcomes.

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6. Leverage Sponsorships

Another way to generate additional revenue from events is through sponsorships. By securing event sponsorships, planners can tap into the financial resources, marketing reach, and brand visibility of sponsors. 

Event organizers can maximize revenue by offering various sponsorship tiers and packages that cater to different budgets and objectives. This can include exclusive sponsorships for specific event elements, such as stages, networking areas, or VIP lounges. Additionally, event organizers can explore creative collaborations. Such as product launches or interactive experiences, that enhance the overall event atmosphere. All the while providing sponsors with unique opportunities to showcase their offerings. 

Sponsors are often interested in aligning their brand with events that attract their target audience. Which offers opportunities for event organizers to use this interest. Sponsors can provide financial support, in-kind contributions, or promotional activities. In return, sponsors gain exposure to a captive audience, brand recognition, and the opportunity to engage with potential customers. 

Overall, sponsorships offer a lucrative revenue stream for events. They enable organizers to enhance the event experience, offset costs, and create lasting partnerships with brands seeking to reach their target audience. 

7. Increase Revenue by Promoting Events from Others

For organizations that usually don’t host their own events, such as event promoters and media companies. There is an interesting way to make money from events, by promoting events from other businesses. Local or specialized media may offer the online visibility these businesses need. As they are trying to get their events in front of the right audience. 

With Timely software, for example, you can have an online calendar with an integrated event submission form. And start collecting event submissions from your community. You can even charge an advertisement placement fee to publish the event listings on your calendar. 

In addition to event publishing fees, you can offer several other promotional services to monetize your event business. For example, you can sell featured spots to advertisers. And mark those events as featured so they are highlighted in your calendar. Similarly, you can offer an event promotion package. One that includes distribution through newsletter and social media, which you can automate with Timely. 

As a result, you will open doors to new revenue opportunities. And make your calendar more functional and captivating for readers. Further, you will also build partnerships that extend beyond the historical scope of your industry.

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8. Make Money from Events with Ticketing Commissions

To increase your event income even more, you can sign up for an event ticket affiliate program where your organization earns money on all referral ticket sales. What does that mean? In exchange for promoting events on your site, you can cash on every ticket sold to a third party event. 

This savvy strategy doesn't only help build an event community and boosts revenue, but it also allows you to become a recognized entity in your field. And be known as one who has a habit of helping others get the word out.

9. Use Google AdSense to Monetize Your Event Website

Another powerful tool to monetize your event website through ads is by leveraging Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an advertising platform that allows you to display targeted ads on your website or blog. By using these ads strategically, you can create revenue based on the number of clicks or impressions the ads receive. 

To utilize Google AdSense effectively, start by creating a Google AdSense account and linking it to your website. Then, design your website layout in a way that fits ad placements without overwhelming the user experience. Consider placing ads in high-visibility areas such as the header, sidebar, or within content gaps. 

Additionally, ensure that the ads are relevant to your event's target audience to maximize engagement. Regularly analyze your ad performance through the Google AdSense dashboard. Also experiment with different ad formats and placements to optimize your revenue. 

With the right implementation and optimization, Google AdSense can serve as a consistent and passive revenue stream for your event. In that way, helping you cover costs and generate additional income.

10. Leverage Business Directories 

Business directories can be a valuable resource for event organizers looking to create revenue and attract guests. By leveraging business directories, you can tap into a vast network of potential sponsors, exhibitors, and partners. All of which, who may be interested in joining in your event. 

Start by identifying relevant business directories in your industry or niche and create a compelling listing. One that highlights the unique value proposition of your brand. Showcase the benefits of partnering with your organization, such as exposure to a targeted audience, networking opportunities, or the chance to showcase products or services. 

Also, provide clear contact information and include a call-to-action for interested businesses to get in touch. Actively reach out to businesses listed in the directories, introducing them to your brand and presenting the mutually beneficial opportunities available. 

III. Monetize your Events with Timely Software Solutions

As explained in this post, monetizing your events is easy with these 10 tips:

  • Hosting paid events
  • Offering multiple ticketing options
  • Selling add-on items
  • Allowing recurring purchases
  • Including refund alternatives
  • Leveraging sponsorships
  • Promoting events from others
  • Earning ticketing commissions
  • Using Google ads on your event website
  • Leveraging business directories

Strategize and creatively use these ideas to create more income to your event business and to attract new clients. Once you have your event promotion and growth strategies, get ready to take ticket sales and registrations through the roof!

At Timely, we believe that your event planning journey should be empowering and rewarding. We can help with ticketing, registration, booking and a beautifully designed event calendar for your website

Contact us today and unlock the true potential of your events. Embrace a positive and prosperous future for your business.

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FAQ About Making Money From Events

1. How can I use an event website calendar to boost revenue?

By utilizing a website event calendar, you can centralize and display your events. Therefore, making it easy for your audience to explore and engage with them. This increased visibility can lead to more attendees and higher revenue. Additionally, features like customization, ticketing control, and branding options provided by platforms like Timely can further optimize revenue generation.

2. What are some effective ways to monetize events and increase revenue?

There are various strategies you can employ to monetize your events and boost revenue. Some effective approaches include hosting paid events, offering diverse ticketing options (such as VIP tickets), selling add-on items (like merchandise or parking passes), setting up recurring purchases, allowing refund alternatives, leveraging sponsorships, promoting events from other businesses, earning ticketing commissions through affiliate programs, using Google AdSense for ad monetization on your event website, and leveraging business directories to attract potential sponsors and partners.

3. How can Timely event management software help me monetize my events?

Timely software offers valuable tools and resources to enhance your event monetization efforts. It provides features like customizable event listings, full control over ticketing and pricing strategies, options for diverse ticket types, seamless online ticketing experience for attendees, analytics and insights to inform marketing decisions, and integrated event submission forms for event promotion and advertisement placement fees. By leveraging these capabilities, you can optimize revenue generation, streamline event operations, and attract new clients.

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