7 Tips to Enhance your Website Event Calendar Design

February 26, 2023  
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Event calendars are an important tool for any event organizer, whether you're planning a corporate event, street festival, or a charity fundraiser. To ensure your events are easy to find online and draw attendees in, investing on website event calendar design is essential. Here are seven great ideas to create visually appealing and user-friendly event calendar designs.

1. Use Branded Fonts and Colours

Many businesses have brand guidelines which include a color palette and certain fonts. Using branded fonts and colours give users a sense of familiarity when scanning through your event calendar.

Consider using your company's font on your website event calendar design for all event titles. Additionally, try to keep the color palette consistent between each event to create an attractive calendar design that is easy to read. Focus on keeping your calendar as a consistent experience with the rest of your website and marketing materials.

example of an events calendar design

With Timely Event Calendar you can pick the best font and colour for your online calendar to match the visual identity of your brand. If you need help customizing the design of your Timely events calendar design, check our user guide How to Set Up your Account Design Settings for detailed step-by-step instructions. If you want our Professional Services team to customize the calendar design for you, contact us.

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2. Use High-Quality Images and Videos

When promoting upcoming events and activities, visuals bring excitement and engagement. Incorporate images or videos to your calendar design to highlight all the wonderful things people can look forward to in your venue or business. Not only do photos and videos add interest, but they also help convey important information. For instance, location, time, and food options.

Make sure you’re using high-quality visuals that capture attention for your organization’s event calendar. And do not forget to compress the images before uploading them into your events calendar. If you have questions about image size requirements, check out some event images best practices.

3. Choose the Best Calendar Views

A good event calendar design should present a clear overview of upcoming events. With Timely event calendaring software, you can opt for different types of calendar views. For example, Modern List, Poster board, Tile, Stream, Agenda, Year, Month, Week and Map views.

event calendar design - All Views

All of these views make it easier for your viewers to identify which events they want to attend. Narrowing down to a Month view will give you a very different calendar experience than looking at a Map view. Each calendar view serves a very useful purpose in the functionality and usefulness of the calendar.

4. Add Filters to your Event Calendar Design

To help visitors narrow down the search for events on your calendar, add filters such as categories, tags and location. These filters make it easy for visitors to find relevant events quickly and easily. They allow visitors to explore upcoming events in your area and plan ahead for activities that pique their interest.

imely events calendar organized by event categories

5. Offer Responsive Event Pages for Different Screen Sizes.

When designing a website event calendar design, it is important to make sure that the event listings are dynamic and responsive. This ensures that they look good regardless of the device they are being viewed on.

Offer separate page designs for tablets, phones, laptops and desktops to ensure a consistent and satisfying user experience. Also make sure to include a ‘Print Event’ button so users can easily print out the calendar and events in case needed.

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6. Enhance your Online Calendar Design with Widgets

In addition, you can enhance your website using a Slider or Carousel. These widgets are used to feature special events you would like to highlight. You can either put this above your main calendar, or as a standalone event on your homepage. The best candidates for the slide or carousel selection are events that have a great visual appeal.

slider widget used on event calendar designs to highlight events

7. Embed your Events Calendar on your Website

After creating a beautiful event calendar design, the next step is to integrate it with your website. Timely event calendar works with all major Content Management Systems (CMS). It offers an Embed function that generates an embed code that can be copied and pasted onto your website in seconds.

Once implemented, the online calendar will show your events according to your specific settings. You can determine the date ranges (i.e. upcoming events, today's events, and custom date range). You can also set the default view of your calendar.

Why you Should Invest on Events Calendar Design?

Increase Website Visitors

An amazing looking events calendar design can attract more website visitors and, consequently, have more attendees. You can boost your audience interaction by having a cool “What’s happening” page, for example. That would help you build a following, drive your traffic up and have repeated and longer visits to your page. 

Appeal to Event Submitters

When wondering how to design a successful events calendar, you also need to consider appealing to event submitters. No one wants to spend several minutes, or even hours, creating and updating their event posts. To keep your submitters engaged and satisfied, you need to make things easier for them. For example, by providing a user friendly events calendar design for them to submit events with ease. When everything is organized, easy to use and with a touch of charm and creativity, it can lead to event posting increase.   

Attract Advertisers & Sponsors

Creating a captivating special events calendar pages also helps you monetize better. When thinking about spending their limited marketing budgets, advertisers and sponsors will research and compare your calendar to others. They tend to choose the ones they perceive more value in. With an attractive and well organized events calendar, you will stand out from the rest.   

Behavioural economics has proven that if something looks more attractive, people are willing to pay more for the item. The same is true for digital assets and websites. If the design of your calendar is clean, professional and inviting, people would be more interested in your events. This is all thanks to effective and professional event calendar design.

With Timely Event Calendaring System you can create an amazing looking design for your calendar. It has easy to use functionalities and a different range of customizations to suit your needs. We hope our tips to enhance your events calendar design, so you can start your journey with the right foot.

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