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1. Product Fit & Free Features

Timely All-in-One Events Calendar

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The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Wordpress plugin banner

The Events Calendar allows you to create and publish events. However, you will not be able to duplicate them neither create recurring events.

This free calendar version comes with date and keyword search tools, but no filtering options. Also, it allows the audience to subscribe to the calendar, but has no social sharing tools. 

Timely vs. The Events Calendar: Free Features Comparison Table

Free versions of both plugins may be a fit for freelance writers, bloggers, small companies, and solo entrepreneurs. If this is where you stand regarding your event management and publishing needs, we built this comparative board just for you. We suggest you use it to select your future events calendar plugin.
Multiple language
Multiple time zones
Easy to use
Custom branding
Calendar themes 12 themes
Custom theme
Calendar views 3 views 3 views
Calendar widget 3 styles 1 style
Select different view for mobile and desktop
Customizable toolbar
Event page layout template 1 style 1 style
Filtering bar By date, month and year By date, month and year
Filter by keyword
Filter by tag, organizer and venue
Event venue & organizer tag system
Add multiple organizers per event
Single-day, multi-day and all-day events
Cloning events
Recurring events
Local time
Event Location system
Import event (csv / ics file)
Calendar subscription Google, Apple & Outlook Google, Apple & Outlook
Social share buttons
File export ICS & XML ICS
Print ready

2. Security Compliance

Number of Security Vulnerabilities Reported

3. Business Scalability

4. Conclusion: Timely is a Safer and Smarter Alternative to The Events Calendar

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