How a Museum Event Planner Will Boost Your Events Attendance

May 20, 2022  
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Being a museum event planner has many challenges. However, with the right tools it is easy to manage all museum events and boost attendance. In this post you will learn how a museum event planner can achieve that.

Museum Events Challenges

Group of children visiting a museum

Being a museum event planner has many challenges. Not the least of which is that museums are all different and have to cater to many different types of exhibits and programs.

You could be running a children’s museum, where the events are busloads of kindergarteners piling in to look at the science experiments. Also, you could be putting on a black tie event at an art gallery where guests sip wine and meet the artist. Or even opening a new exhibit at the natural history museum where, for a limited time, special Native American art is on display.

In each one of these cases, you’re going to need to be able to plan the event in a special way. You’ll need to know how many people to expect, and how they’re going to get inside. Do they buy tickets online? Do they purchase tickets at the door? And you’re going to need to know the schedule of all of this so you can plan movers and caterers and staff and security. Planning an event at a museum is not an easy task.

Museum Software Can Help

Museum event planners can find help in Timely event management software for museums, which can make everything so much easier, all around.

First off, let's look at scheduling and promoting events and exhibitions. Museums live and die by rotating their exhibits. While there may always be the giant Tyrannosuarus Rex that never leaves the museum, art exhibits change by the month or by the seasons. In addition, interactive exhibits are constantly on the move. Museums keep changing their exhibits because they don’t want patrons to visit just once. They want them to visit over and over, and that means fresh exhibits. Having a museum event planner calendar integrated with your website can help you plan and promote those events to the public.

What about ticket sales? If you’re selling tickets online and selling tickets at the door, does that mean that you’re going to be using two different ticket sales programs? Does it mean two different accounting methods, which means duplicating integration? Why not use one event management software that can handle both situations in the same system? That’s what you get with Timely Event Ticketing Software. Tickets you sell online go into the same database and accounting system as tickets that you sell at the door.

So do your museum event management with Timely, where you can keep track of everything. Even better, the same system that you use to promote your events online keeps track of your ticketing. Everything is integrated to make it all flow seamlessly together.

Cloud event management software for museums

Museum event planning is a tough job. Fortunately, Timely can help to make it everything you want it to be: simple, integrated, and intuitive.

Contact us to learn more about Timely, or try for free!

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